Garden News

Today one of the palm trees in our front yard was taken down by the city.  After arguing with them since May, they decided that they would cut the whole thing down (but leave a 3 foot tall stump for us to deal with) and take it all away, plus give us $50.00 for a new tree.  This was a much better deal than before–they were just going to top the tree and leave it dead, or cut it down and leave it in the yard.  It really pays to argue sometimes!  Anyway, here are some before and after shots.  I’m liking it already–the livingroom is already much brighter.

Here is what is left.  The tree removalists are coming back tomorrow to take away the rest of the wood.  As I said, we’ll have to deal with the stump.  Of course, Doug wants to rent all the equipment and do it ourselves.  That is fine, except I’m not sure how we will get a stump grinder home…

Oh, and the side yard looks like a jungle–we dumped all that compost on it, rototilled it in, then planted groundcover.  We’ll cut it all down in the spring, rototill that in, and we should have a great garden in the spring!

Anyway, I’m glad it’s gone.  We’ve got a fig and a grapefruit plant that needs some space and this will be perfect.

The rest of the garden is doing fine.  We’ve had some broccoli rabe and lots of arugula.  I also just picked 18 more butternut squash and so far about 3 dozen lemons.  Here is a shot of the lemons:

We had a bit of frost the other night, but we covered our little citrus trees and everything else seemed to survive just fine.

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