New Laptop

I had to order a new laptop a few weeks ago since my old one was becoming extremely slow and every time I turned it on it had an error.  I am hoping this one will be much faster.  I haven’t used Vista before, so I’ve been playing around with that. 

It has been a good break so far.  I’ve been working on another mosaic and also working in the front yard trying to get 45 feet by 25 feet worth of red lava rock moved!  Someone came today and took a small truck full, but it barely made a dent in the pile.  I still have some to pile up.  I figure if I work on it this weekend, I should manage to get most of it taken care of…

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5 Responses to New Laptop

  1. Cassie says:

    My friend (and ex-honey) Stephanie has Vista and the only thing she has complained about are the "nags" that po up every time she tried to do anything with her laptop. Other than that she seems to like it so I suspect you will too once you get used to it.Better than most of us like the new Windows Live, anyway.

  2. Nelson says:

    when you do get your laptop, go here – —

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass, So far I am liking it. I know what you mean about it stopping every time you try to dowload something–but I can see how that help with good security. I do love the fact that I can now post something to my blog in about 2 seconds (from the time I hit \’publish\’ until the time it is posted), as opposed to sometimes upwards of 5 minutes with the old one. And in that 5 minutes I couldn\’t do anything else because everything was locked.Hey NG! Thanks for the site. I\’ll look through it, but I have to say that I am pretty computer illiterate, especially when it comes to messing around with the software!

  4. Cassie says:

    I have never experienced that problem with XP. It may be that the Processor on your old one was having issues (that can slow you down—as can that stupid "System Restore" feature. I find I have to shut it off again every coupl of weeks becaause Onecare Live keeps turning it back on). But about Vista—I\’m sure NG meant well but you might want to stick with Microsoft\’s own site for any tweaks you want to make to it it\’s generally safer.And also these handy security videos free from microsoft are worth checking out I have noticed an odd thing, really, In regards to this I mean. Maybe Doug has noticed it too…but people seem to check everywhere EXCEPT the Microsoft database for help with the various Operating Systems and other Software. I\’ve never really understood why. I mean, you don\’t take a Ford to a Chevy dealer for repair, do you?

  5. Nelson says:

    I\’m hoping myself to get a new PC within the next few weeks or in January. Not that there\’s anything wrong with this PC, but I really lucked out when I bought this Dell for $200. But, it\’s beginning to show its age and limitations. Not only that, I\’m at the point on whether it\’s even feasible to spend money – which I just don\’t have – on upgrading RAM and perhaps a new HD. Said money is better spent on a new PC.The Black Viper is a good site. The instructions to go about shutting down those unnecessary process are very easy; You should have no problem, even as a novice or mid level user. But, you\’ll need to spend a couple of hours on this as you\’ll want to know beforehand exactly what it is you\’ll need to have running or not running.

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