A Fair Response?

I hardly ever write about things other than glbt issues here, but what happened today requires a response.  I see that Israel has attacked Gaza with warplanes and have killed 192 people and wounded 270 more!   The world should condemn this heinous act of butchery.  What does Israel think they are going to get out of this?  All they have done is enrage the Muslim world and many people who probably wouldn’t fight against Israel will now do so. It is sort of like what we did in Iraq–we’ve created a breeding ground for people who hate the U.S. and while George Bush and Dick Cheney will head off into a peaceful retirement, the rest of us have to worry when the fruit of all their labor will come home.

Israel just butchered nearly 200 people today.  How many are going to die in retaliation? 

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2 Responses to A Fair Response?

  1. Cassie says:

    I have now posted my thoughts on this to my blog—as you might expect, my take on it is a little different.

  2. Rob says:

    Since bloodshed usually just leads to more bloodshed, why do people keep using it as a political tool?

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