Sue, Baby, Sue!

I see that some groups are suing the state of Arkansas for their anti-gay adoption law (and anti-single as well).  The new law states that no one who is single (and that includes gay couples because the state will not recognize gay families) cannot adopt children.

The end result of this horrible law is that kids are left to rot in foster homes, without real families and shifted from house to house.  They come out feeling like they don’t have a family (because they really don’t).  Sure, there are some lucky ones, but not very many.  The people of Arkansas has condemned a large number of kids because they hate gays and lesbians. 

The group behind this is the Arkansas Family Council (it is amazing how many of these anti-gay groups like to use the word family–in my opinion, they have ruined the word).  This ‘non-profit’ is run by a man named Jerry Cox.  The financial information can be found at, which is free and open to anyone who wants to look at it. 

This group pulled in a little more that $550,000 in 2007.  Surprise, surprise–they spent almost $326,000 on salaries. These non-profits can certainly be money makers for some families…

They also spent over $10,000 on legal fees, $12,000 on supplies, $11,000 on phone bills, $45,000 on postage and shipping, $25,000 on equipment rental and maintenance, $34,000 on printing and publications, and nearly $9,000 on travel, conferences, conventions and meetings.  Part of the ‘other fees’ include over $2,000 on ‘credit card machine fees’, $13,000 on ‘insurance’, a little over $5,000 on ‘computer expense’ and $12,000 on ‘voter’s guide expense.’ 

Jerry Cox himself made nearly $90,000 in salary and nearly $16,000 elsewhere.   He gave himself a hefty raise in 2007–in 2006 he only made a little over $78,000 (and no employee benefits).  They have a full time staff lawyer (Martha Adcock) who made nearly $68,000 and a full time admin (John C. Thomas) who made about the same.  This comes out to about $252,000 (Thomas also had about $10,000 more in employee benefit plans that was paid to him).   So half of their budget is spent on just 3 people.  What a deal for those ‘families.’

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