A New Garden

The last couple of weekends have been spent clearing out the palm tree stump.  We paid some guys to do it and we really shouldn’t have paid them until they did what they agreed to do, which was to grind the stump down a foot deep.  They went about 1 inch.  Doug and I (mostly Doug) had been taking a pick (sp?) to it and on Sunday we decided that enough was enough.  We then dragged a bunch of dirt from the rest of the yard into the hole, filled it in, put the rest of the compost over it and smoothed it all out.

Last weekend, in the side yard, we planted a peach and a plum tree and on Monday I planted a fig in the front yard.  Just the other day I picked up a pear tree and we put that in the front yard as well.  Here is what the yard looked like and what it looks like now:


and now:

In this next picture you can see our fig tree (front) and the pear in the back (follow the hose).

I also picked up 3.5 pounds of potatoes for seeds.  Apparently for every 2 pounds of seeds, you get 50 lbs of potatoes!  I figure by the time I trim up the seeds, we’ll have about 2 pounds left.  We’ve been eating lots of bok choi and I just planted another 4 by 4 box with it and the seedlings are already up.  I put in some spinach in a nearby 4 by 4, so hopefully that comes up as well.  It is a bit rainy here today so I can’t put in a ton of fava beans in the front yard.  They will be used mostly for a cover crop until March hits.  We can also eat any beans that grow from them, but we want to use them mostly for nitrogen fixers. 

Finally, Doug has been pretty happy that his compost piles warmed up to 115 degrees the other day.  He says it still isn’t hot enough…

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3 Responses to A New Garden

  1. Cassie says:

    You are on-line how can you have a query about spelling? But anyway "pick" is correct. And DON\’T mention "fava beans" it makes me think of Anthony Hopkins and then I feel weirded out/

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass! I guess I don\’t think about checking the spelling online! And I guess I don\’t watch enough movies, so I\’m not sure what the link is between Anthony Hopkins and those beans–but it sounds like this is something I would rather remain ignorant on!

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