Am I Nasty, Hateful, Ignorant and Foolish? :)

Today Stacy Harp called me "nasty, hateful and very ignorant and foolish Kevin Kaatz."  Why?  Because she claims I sent her an ‘absolutely nasty’ email. I was pretty surprised to see this, since it is extremely rare that I send out a ‘nasty email’ (I can’t remember the last time I did that!).  But Stacy claims on her website that I sent her one.  Now it is true that I sent her an email the other day.  Here it is.  You can decide whether it is ‘absolutely nasty’ or not:



I do not understand what your point is in making public an illegal recording of XXX.  It is clearly illegal–not only did you tape it, but you taped him after he thought he had hung up.  You then have the gall to make the illegal tape public.  What are you trying to do with this?  You must know it is illegal.  What is going to happen to you and your business when Joe sues you for illegally taping him and then making it public?  You better think about what you have done.  My advice to you is to take it down and apologize to XXX for not only illegally taping him, but for making this public.  Clearly you are trying to be vindictive for the recording from a couple of years ago (which was legal and was agreed to by both parties to make it public).

By the way, I DO NOT give you permission to use any or all of this email on your blog.  Nor do I give you permission to publish my email.  I have received enough emails from the anti-gay crowd.  I don’t feel like getting any more.

Kevin Kaatz

My reply to Stacy?  I won’t make this long.  It is illegal to make a recorded phone conversation public without consent of both parties (especially when part of the recording took place after one party thought they had hung up).  The rest of my response will be pictorial.  I hope these pictures make you feel better.  You think you are being persecuted, but in fact I was just trying to help you do the right thing…

(By the way, these are pictures that I took)


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26 Responses to Am I Nasty, Hateful, Ignorant and Foolish? :)

  1. Robert says:

    Nasty? Hateful? Ignorant? Wait dosen\’t that describe her attributes?

  2. Justin says:

    Kevin, The answer to your quesion is no you are not. You have to understand the mindset of a dominionist like Stacy. They do not feel that they have to abide by mans laws and any critisism of them when they break those laws is persecuting them. Im a bit suprised she didnt accuse you of dragging out the nails, hammer and cross and trying to put her on it. Dominionist truly believe they are superior to all other human beings therefore you are a ignorant slob if you dare question them or their practices. I hope you continue to monitor her actions and report on them as probably we all should. I am following a story that is developing here and belive me Kevin if it is true it will curl your toenails and make Stacy look like a angel compared to what is being proposed here. I am going to go ahead and post what I know of it this weekend and if I find more proof then I will list not only the Church, Ex-Gay group but the Pastor as well. It seems to be connected closely to Rick Warren and his purpose driven ideas.

  3. Justin says:

    BTW Kevin, beautiful flowers you did a great job on the photography. Are these some you grew?

  4. minhan says:

    beautiful flowers

  5. Kevin says:

    Hi Rob, Justin and Minhan,I hope Stacy accepts the flowers! It sounds like she needs some sort of gift…I didn\’t grow those particular flowers–Doug\’s mom did and I took the shots when I was up there last August. But I just ordered a ton of seeds from Burpee, so come summer, I\’ll have my own flowers to take pictures of!Justin–I\’m looking forward to reading your report.

  6. minhan says:

    Hi Kevin ,I dream of studying biomedicine in US,so I have to learn English well.You are a prolific writer with so many essays in your blog. Would you help me with my English? I I would really appreciate your help if you post correctied sentence on my blog or provide writing skills about my essay.

  7. Joe says:

    Stacy is a human being. For whatever reason, I decided to install skype for smartphones on my dash after taking an ambien. I have quickly learned that it doesn\’t hang up by simply closing it on the screen. Add to this embarrassing stuff that for whatever reason it called Stacy and rather than hang up on her I tried to explain that I accidentally called her. She use to be in my address book and it imports that when it loads. Aside from all of that and aside from taking ambien, I still couldn\’t sleep. That is not unusual from me when I travel. On ambein, it appears I can be pretty silly and whinny. Oh well, it is me. I am human too!I can\’t even imagine what Stacy\’s goal in posting that to the web is and yet it must meet some needs for her. I am happy that she has found ways to meet her needs, I would have like her to find ways to meet her needs at less cost to me. I am sadden that she thinks so poorly of me that she would do this, and yet she has, so she must. I have to say it gave me the push I needed to finally call it quits as a blogger or at least one who writes about anti-gay folks. I think there are better ways to create change in the world, and I plan in checking some of them out. I never set out to be an activist and have grown pretty tired of being one. I think whenever your hobby feels more like work, you might want a new hobby. I really want to start making some real change in the world. I want to go volunteer in Africa, help start peer mediation programs in inner city schools to cut down the violence and perhaps do more volunteer days than I do now. I want to do more write about it less.In the end, I refuse to think ill of Stacy. If I was in her shoes, I wouldn\’t have done what she has and then again. I am not in her shoes. It is in fact illegal to post a recorded call without the permission. More so it wouldn\’t meet my idea of compassion or respect for another. I still hold to the view of nonviolence that Jesus Christ taught on the Mount of Olives, love your enemies. I doubt much that she sees me as anything more than her enemy and with those images in your mind, society has taught us to celebrate anytime our enemy isn\’t seen at their best. I can actually understand her attitude and her cynicism that it was unintentional. The climax of most programs on tv and movies in the theaters has the "bad" guy or the enemy always being beaten up or killed by the good guy. We are a brainwashed society taught to celebrate the fall of anyone we consider the bad guy. If Stacy actually saw me as a person with feelings and needs, she would most likely take the recording down or she will continue to see me as "that evil joe person" and she will see me for what she thinks I deserve rather than who I am. I have no control of either.If Stacy takes those posts down, which I would appreciate and be grateful about, I would prefer she did it because she sees it is the compassionate and life enriching thing to do not because she feels threatened or pushed. She will do what she wants to do.

  8. Cassie says:

    To answer your question—I don\’t know you as well as Stacy does.Heh…heh…heh…(Gawd, I\’m so wicked! Moisterize me!)

  9. Justin says:

    Cass "wicked" hmmm let me ponder that while I go get Dorothy a bucket of water (snickers)Kev my post is up and it is bone chilling to say the least. I am hoping to meet with my friends brother today and see just what he tells me about this whole thing. Belive me it rings all to true to not be real. This would go right along with what Warren told his group in the stadium. "What ever it takes."

  10. Ted says:

    It\’s amazing how someone as spiteful and ignorant could call herself a Christian, but then again, considering her entire movement is based on spite and ignorance, it\’s not amazing at all. She broke the law, and she continues to break it by keeping the recording up. Her webhost should be informed that it is hosting illegal recordings, which makes them liable for damages if and when a suit is filed. And to answer your question, your email was none of the four things in this post\’s title.

  11. Kevin says:

    Hi Ted,Thanks for your comments! I agree–she is breaking the law, but she chooses to ignore it.

  12. Jen says:

    Trouble is, Kevin – you get even only slightly involved and you\’re sure to get flak from it. There are such people in this world. I\’ve met many similar types of "Christian". How a person conducts their life is how you actually tell whether they are true to their beliefs, or not. Shame on her.

  13. Cassie says:

    OK, I\’ll get serious for a moment, Kevin. You were carrying on about Stacy Harp back when I first MET you on-line. One of the first blog entries I ever read of yours was about her hypocrisy and her bigoted attitudes and your amazement that any "Christian" could be like that. And here MONTHS later we\’re hearing about Ms Harp again. Had you perused my blog entry "Different Strokes" you would have realized that there are an awful lot of "Christians" just LIKE her. Permit me to quote from my blog for a moment, immiediately after my whole "Person A" and "Person B" parable:"Couldn\’t happen, you think? Of course it could. It happens all the time. Oh, it doesn\’t always go as far as murder…but think about what happened with Proposition 8 in California. Religious Fundamentalists (all of whom are VERY like "Person A" in our little fable) have used the popular vote to try and FORCE their religious belief on all the citizens of their state. And through misleading statements, unfounded claims, and downright LIES managed to panic enough of the voting populace into voting THER way. Of course, one fully expects that this Amendment will be struck down by the courts because the Constitution of the United States (which is the Supreme Law of the Land) specifically prohibits using the vote to LIMIT the rights of minorities especially when it comes to taking AWAY rights they already have—which is what Proposition 8 does. And now that Bush and company are no longer in power one expects to see this issue resolved rather swiftly in favor of same-sex couples. ********************************************************************************************************** But that was only one small example of this human quirk. Interesting because so many sincere, devout, RELIGIOUS people were willing to violate so many of the tenets of their faith to stop gay people from marrying. I mean, seriously, it was almost as though these religious fundamentalists had sold their collective souls to Satan (called "the Father of Lies" in the New Testament) in order to get this amendment passed. "****************************************************************************************************************************************************These people will do ANYTHING..break any law, in order to continue to persecute OUR people—and any OTHER group they decide they don\’t like. Ted is amazed how someone so "spiteful and ignorant" could call themselves Christian—she ain\’t the only one, Ted.What you must understand is that they can justify all these spiteful, illegal, and downright IMMORAL things they do by saying that they are fighting FOR God and thus are obeying a HIGHER law than any of man\’s laws.These people are fanatics…unreasoning, unthinking, cold blooded and hard hearted and you are wasting your time trying to REASON with them.Forget Stacy Harp…quit giving her power over you (which you do every time you let her "push your buttons"). Instead, spend your time making YOUR blog a place where people can chat and exchange ideas and help form the future of our Country under President Obama and let people like Stacy and Warren just wither away on their own bile and hate without giving them the attention that is the very air they breathe. They aren\’t worthy of serious attention because all they are are vicious hating animals without any humanity left in them.

  14. Justin says:

    Cass, very well said choot hony you would be a great preacher 🙂 (ducks.) But you are right these people are Dominionist and believe it is their job to establish the Kingdom here and now totally dismissing that the bible says that aint the way it works. You are right about ignoring them being the best way to handle it but, I would caution they are a lot like rattle snakes so you need to keep a eye on them from time to time just to where they are and see what they are up to.

  15. Rob says:

    It depends on where you live as to the legality of the recording. When I lived in Wisconsin, as long as one person knew it was being recorded it wasn\’t illegal. It can be used effectively as evidence in discrimination cases, among other things. I can\’t believe you\’re still in contact with that crazy lady.

  16. Kevin says:

    Hi Jen, I agree–shame on her. Hi Cass and Rob–o.k. I see that I am getting a little flak about contacting Stacy Harp. I understand that. And yes Cass, I read and enjoyed your post. But I don\’t believe that anyone is beyond reason. Stacy Harp has had some experiences in her past in which I know she can then use to relate to some of us. However, she chooses to take the negative route and call people sodomites and so on. I think that at some point Stacy Harp can and will use her reason to deal with the glbt community. I have hope that she will eventually become a good person (at least according to my definition). Sure, maybe this isn\’t the best way to deal with her, but she has to be dealt with. I am one of those people that want to know if I am about to be hit by a car instead of being sideswiped. At least if I know it is coming I may have a change to jump out of the way. The same goes for people like Stacy Harp. Besides, I\’ve hardly dealt with many in the anti-gay crowd since November. Stacy is the only anti-gay blog that I read–and I don\’t even read her every day. I\’ve gotten mildly tired of reading the usual anti-gay blogs, but as Justin pointed out, rattlesnakes need to be watched…

  17. Cassie says:

    Keeping an eye on them is easy…just turn on one of the televangelist broadcasts every month or so…you\’ll soon learn that with them "the song remains the same." It\’s only when they get involved in civil action (which they do most UN civilly) that we need to do more. What they say on their blogs and in their church meetings is not our concern. It\’s called "freedom of expression".

  18. Kevin says:

    Hi Cass, I somewhat agree with freedom of expression. However, if a church is plotting to wipe out the glbt community (by whatever means), should we just hang back and call it \’freedom of expression\’? I think what needs to happen is these groups need to be given full exposure to the community at large. Let people know what they are saying. Have you read Justin\’s latest piece at his blog? It is pretty horrible what is going on–and I don\’t really just want to ignore it and think the world only includes my garden (and I will love the day when I can put this blog away and forget about all the anti-gay activists out there who are looking for the day when there won\’t be glbt people and just play in my garden). Speaking of gardening, tomorrow I plant 3 pounds of potato seeds which apparently will produce about 80 pounds of potatoes!

  19. Cassie says:

    But they ARE and have been given full exposure to the community at large. Most people don\’t like these super-fundamentalist types and don\’t agree with their activities as a WHOLE but you can\’t really STOP them, from saying what they say, either. It isn\’t only freedom of expression it is freedom of religion—one of the great things about this USA we live in is that people have the right to believe in any religion or on NO religion. But this freedom comes with a risk—hate in the GUISE of religion is also protected. After all, these people can point to passages in the Bible—which MANY people…not just the Stacy Harps and the Rick Warrens of the world—-believe to be the revealed Word of God—statements which (as translated, anyway) seem to state that God is AGAINST practices of the GLBT lifestyle. Transgender persons are described as an "Abomination" in God\’s eyes, for example. The book of Deuteronomy, 22nd Chapter, Fifth Verse (King James Version) says it pretty clearly: "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman\’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God." And God (according to te Bible, uses the same word in regard to same-sex relationships: the 18th Chapter of Leviticus, 22nd Verse (King James Version) says "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination."So, whether we like it or not…the same freedom to worship how we choose protects them and the way they see it—we are an abomination whose VERY existence puts their families…and, indeed, America itself at risk—remember how God\’s wrath fell on Sodom and Gommorah where same-sex relationships were LEGAL!!!(Well, there\’s a lot of fuzzy theological BS-ing around that last point—and you and I know it\’s total nonsense—but these Fundamentalists have been so brainswashed with this stuff that they REALLY SEE THE WORLD THAT WAY!!!AND THAT is why no amount of reasoning with them is going to do you a damn bit of good—they believe everything you say comes from Satan and the more you say or we as a community DO is protect our rights the more THEY see it as the Front Line in the Battle between Heaven and Hell and the more desperate they become to defeat us.It is pointless to try and refute their points using Biblical Quotations (first, because they know Satan tried that against Christ so they won\’t listen anyway) and second, because you can always find another quote that seems to say the exact opposite.So…if you want to clue the general pubic in to how insane these fundamentalists are really getting…just quote THEM and then along side that show quotes by White Supremacists and Anti-Semitic publications from Nazi Germany and anything else you can find. It\’s all the same rhetoric.Right now, it\’s just hiding behind the name of Jesus.

  20. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass! All good advice!

  21. Cassie says:

    Oh, I\’ve got better advice than that—start a Church of the Holy GLBT Divinity…write a book of commands "via inspiration" from this GLBT Divinity–including the command that the adherents of this faith MUST marry persons of the Same Sex in order to enter into Heaven and then sit back and defy any of these state legislatures to interfere with the Rights we are Guaranteed under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.THEN you can fight these bozos on an even playing field.

  22. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass–I\’ve heard of this idea–making being glbt a religion and then we will be totally protected. It could make for some fascinating discussion. However, one problem I can see right off the bat is that it would then be seen as a choice (as with other religions).

  23. Cassie says:

    Well, belonging to the RELIGION would be a choice…there would still be plenty of GLBT Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, Atheists, etc etc.

  24. Joe says:

    I am completely blown away by Stacy\’s reply to all of this. Speechless if you can image that. Does she not think I am human?

  25. Kevin says:

    Hey Joe, I think she has seen the light. Maybe. However, we sodomites need to stick together, especially when the law is so clearly broken… 😉

  26. Joe says:

    What amazes me is that my writings about Ms. Harp have never been personal. I always wrote about what she wrote or said. I never made my arguments personal, never called her names and never tried to demean or make her look bad. I certainly would have never made personal attacks as she has done.

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