Matt Alber–Amazing!

My friend Michael just sent me this link to a singer named Matt Alber.  The video is beautiful.  The song is beautiful.  Imagine what life could be like if we could all live in peace and live the way we are.  The song is called End of the World. 


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2 Responses to Matt Alber–Amazing!

  1. Justin says:

    Kevin your right both the video and song are beautiful. I would that we could all live in a world where we could love and not hate. Very very beautiful. I am going to check out some of his other songs if I can find them.

  2. Kevin says:

    hey Justin,You can find more of his music on YouTube (if you search for his name). That darned video makes me cry every time it gets to the end and seeing those two guys dancing with that beautiful lighting. I guess I cry each time because I think of how nice life would be for everyone if they could just not worry about who they are and just live free. One of these days this will happen. It\’s just a pain having to wait for it!

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