Prop. 8 and the Mormon Church

It took a lawsuit to get this information, and I would bet there is more information to be gathered, but the Mormon Church finally admits to actually spending non-taxed church money directly for Prop. 8.  As of Friday, they denied this (maybe lying isn’t a sin in the Mormon faith?).  They spent nearly $200,000.  Nearly $100,000 of that was spent to compensate church workers working to pass Prop. 8 here in California. 

My thoughts on this?  Go after the tax-free status of this church.  They are misusing tax-free money that could have otherwise helped people (like the sick, elderly and the poor).  I think that honest Mormons should be outraged that their church has broken the law.  They should also be mad that the Mormon church spent over $2,000 on sending an elder (L. Whitney Clayton) to California. Wait just a second–how far, exactly is Salt Lake City to California?  How can $2,000 be spent just by one person?  Elder Clayton must like to live in the lap of luxury while he plots to take people’s rights away in a state he isn’t even from.  Shame on him and shame on the Mormon Church. And I am so glad that Californians Against Hate filed this lawsuit.  I will be waiting to hear more of what the Mormon Church lied about.

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One Response to Prop. 8 and the Mormon Church

  1. Justin says:

    Kevin said: I will be waiting to hear more of what the Mormon Church lied about. Well, not a lot more they could lie about other than their entire belief system. Anyone who believes in a terrestial, tealestial and celestial world and believes that when they get to the celestial they themselves will be G-ds. I will have to tell you about that sometime Kevin I studied with 5 of their elders for a year and believe me at the end of the year I didnt think they were crazy anymore because I knew they were absolutely NUTS. It always amazes me just how people like them and others can preach the bible, judge people and yet cannot follow what their book tells them to do. Just a short quote to show what I mean. The Mormons are no better than Rick Warren, Don Wildman, or any of the others who judge us. James 4: 12There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judge your neighbor? 2 Pet 2:3 In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up.I think just those two quotes sum up hypocrites that they are. 🙂 Shalom

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