Garden Pics

We received a ton of rain in the past week–which is fantastic considering we are probably going to be under pretty severe water restrictions this summer.  I’m not sure what the official total was, but Doug set out a couple of containers to catch some rainwater for his compost.  Here is one container, and you can see that we got a lot of rain:

Here are a few shots of the garden.  This one shows the onions, brussel sprouts and the citrus trees:

Our plum and peach tree are starting to sprout (these are a bit hard to see since the winter cover is so large):

Finally, here is the new artichoke:

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3 Responses to Garden Pics

  1. Cassie says:

    Trade ya our snow for your rain….

  2. Nelson says:

    I recall an old episode of This Old House in which a water barrel was used instead of drainage pipe, and that water was used for, well, watering a backyard garden. I don\’t recall the part about standing water and mosquitoes, sorry.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass–Nope! :)Hey Nelson, Luckily it is a bit too early for mosquitoes here, and I have to say I don\’t recall any last year. But the water will be gone long before anything gets into it.

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