The State Supreme Court and Prop. 8

The California State Supreme Court will hear arguments for and against Prop. 8 on Thursday.  It would be hard to believe the State Supreme Court will let Prop. 8 stand.  People have a right to their religious views. But they do not have a right to push their religious views on me and force me to change my life.  That doesn’t mean they can’t vote for what they want.  But it does mean that the Supreme Court can and should nullify laws that are passed based on religious persecution of a minority.

Speaking of persecution:  I have been saying for years that this really is religious persecution.  I see that Equality California is finally releasing an ad that links past persecution with what is going on today.  Here is their new ad.  I hope it makes a difference.  I doubt it will with the Bible thumpers who believe that God is only on their side, but it might on the people who were lied to by these very Bible thumpers…

I’m not sure how long the State Supreme Court will have after it listens to people like Kenneth Starr and a woman who believes she is the Creator of the Universe to make its decision.  I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. 

But if it goes badly, I may invite people like Kenneth Starr to my house so that he can grab my marriage license and rip it up in front of my face–and the face of the media.  That is really what people like him want.  So they might as well show their true face to the rest of the public instead of sitting behind the skirts of their religion.

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