Let’s Look at the Faces of Hate

I just can’t imagine people going out of their way to taunt a minority that has already lost its rights, which were given by the State Supreme Court.  But many people did–the Yes on Hate people came out of their hate-filled churches to taunt people who want their rights back.  Let’s look at a few of these people (taken from the San Francisco Chronicle).

This hater’s name is Alyssa Rodrigues.  Her sign states that homosexuality is not a race, meaning that she thinks gays and lesbians shouldn’t have equal rights like race, which is protected.  However, poor Alyssa doesn’t understand that her religious protection is not ‘race’ either–but yet it is protected.  Race certainly isn’t a choice–but neither is her choice of religion.

Here is another hater (and friend of Alyssa Rodrigues).  Look at how angry she is that a minority is actually trying to get their rights back:

And take a look at this group–they even saved those cheesy Yes on 8 signs that were manufactured in China:

What is she turning her thumb down at?  The fact that she (Olena Mikita) has taken part in taking the right away from a minority and now disagrees with their attempt at getting back that right?  Olena is lucky she lives in the U.S.  Imagine that less than 100 years ago Olena wouldn’t be allowed in a public march, let alone vote.  She also would not have the right to any kid she might have if she got divorced. 

These people don’t understand their own religion, nor do they understand the level of their hate.  Let’s look, once again, at their own religion.  You have God.  A male, I presume.  There is no female ‘wife’ for God.  There is no female at all.  And then you have poor Mary.  Impregnated by this God.  Mary has a son, who is also God.  Jesus has no desire to have a wife, nor have sex.  But yet all these Christians are trying to tell us that a real family is a man, woman and children!  What kind of families do you find in the Bible?  Well, you have Adam and Eve.  But Eve lies and the rest of us are punished eternally.  They have two kids, one of which kills his brother.  Then you have all the patriarchs and their numerous wives and children from these wives.  Then you have Paul in the New Testament.  He begs people not to get married because that isn’t the best way to live.  He tells people to only get married if they can’t control themselves sexually.  So there you have it–the biblical ‘family.’  And don’t forget the Catholic Priests.  They cannot get married.  They cannot have kids.  But yet they tell us that a family is a man, woman and children.  And don’t even get me started on the polygamous Mormons and all the money they poured into Yes on Hate–despite the fact that their blessed prophet had numerous wives, and many of these wives were little girls.  There you have it.  The Christian family. 

And just to show you how opposite the No on 8 people are, notice that their signs all have a positive message:

So why is it that the gay and lesbian community is having to over and over again teach the Christians what love your neighbor is all about?

I will never forget the day I stood on the corner in Redwood City with my No on 8 sign.  There were a group of teenage girls whose families were from Samoa.  They were yelling Yes on 8.  I asked them why they thought it was o.k. for them to try and take away a right away.  One girl told me she didn’t want fags in their neighborhood.  And as I looked across the street there were crowds of people with young kids holding Yes on 8 signs.  And as these crowds of people left to go to church (I am guessing–where else do these people go after screaming and yelling?), the teenage girl who told me she didn’t want fags in her neighborhood drove by and turned her car horn on.  Then a kid who was sitting in her car, about 8, gave me the finger.  Nice–these people fought to take my right away and here was a good example of what kind of people did that.  Good Christians, wouldn’t you say?  God help them.

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5 Responses to Let’s Look at the Faces of Hate

  1. Cassie says:

    No, Alyssa is right…homosexuality is not a race. HUMAN is a race…she might try joining it sometime.

  2. Wood says:

    People wonder why I suspect that the last Christian died on the Cross.

  3. Deb says:

    This is exactly the reason why I have given up writing about my disgust regarding religious people making it their mission and duty to waste their precious time here on earth to condemn us, when we all know that God is the only judge. You will never win an argument with them because it is simply never ending. What I decided to do after marrying my partner, I simply focused on things I enjoyed, even debated a little politically and focused on the humorist side of things. Remember: whatever you resists persists. I\’m just saying, life has been wonderful since I stopped protesting against these negative people because it was bringing me down, instead of edifying me, which Christianity is all about: lifting up people\’s spirit and edifying them as humans. Turn your head and walk a better path, Kevin. You\’re too good for this. The more focus that\’s on them, the more they want the attention. But that\’s up to you. Be good to yourself!

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey Deb! I\’ve certainly been slowing down in terms of writing about the anti-gay movement. It was getting a bit depressing after Prop. 8 was passed…

  5. Cassie says:

    Well, it\’s like I tell Christians "Until you are willing to be crucified for me you don\’t have the right to judge me."

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