Travel and Garden

We were up in Eugene Oregon for the weekend to see Doug’s parents.  We had a good time, as usual (and we ate too much, which is standard).  One day it rained, snowed and hailed all in a short period and on our drive home Southern Oregon and a bit of Northern California had snow on the ground and the trees were covered.  Luckily it had stopped by the time we drove through.

We’ve been doing quite a bit of work in our yard the past 4 weeks.  I cut down those tall (stinky) shrubs in the back yard and Doug dug out the stumps.  We know have an extra 5 feet by 25 feet to plant with something.  I know on one end we’ll put in a grapefruit (Rio Red) which we bought about a month ago.  Before we can plant anything there we have to redo the fence.  The old one is rotting away and one section is being held up by a nail.  We’ll start working on that fence next week.  Since the tall shrubs are gone we have no privacy in the back, so we’re going to put up a 6 foot tall privacy fence.

Here are some before and after pictures:

(This is an old pic–the driveway no longer exists and now the shrubs to the left of the pic no longer exist either).  And here is after.  I heavily trimmed the lemon tree (and gathered about 8 dozen lemons!) since it was growing crooked because the previous owners planted shrubs right in front of it.  It seems to have survived and is doing fine. In fact, there are new branches popping out on the left side where there was shade before.

We’ve also been reorganizing the front yard now that the giant palm tree has been cut down.  There is a brick pathway around the garden beds and just today I planted 3 butternut squash, 2 cucumbers and 1 acorn squash.  I imagine the seedlings will pop up in about a week.  Our potatoes are doing incredible.  So far 20 of them came up and I’m not sure if the last five have survived. We had a bit of cold, wet weather a couple of weeks ago and I imagine that some of the potato seeds rotted.  I also built two garden pyramids so that I can grow pole green beans and pole lima beans.  I’m having trouble finding climbing lima bean seeds, so I might have to put something else there.  Here is a pic of the garden pyramid.  I made a bamboo/willow whip tower as well, but I decided to move that in the back yard to let a tomato plant grow up it.

Speaking of tomatoes, last weekend we planted a dozen "Steak Sandwich" tomatoes that I started with seeds.  I plan on doing some canning this summer–I love canned tomatoes and we’re also going to can salsa with our own tomatoes and peppers.

Now we need to install our irrigation system since soon we will be under water restrictions and they won’t allow hand watering.

Finally, some little birds (which I haven’t identified yet) have moved into my birdhouse I put up last October.  The pic is blurry (but you can see a tiny head poking out the door of the birdhouse).

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