Apologizing for Getting Married…

This is a good video by Portia De Rossi, who married Ellen Degeneres.  Just think of all the pain she caused when she got married.  🙂



Why is it that I am not allowed to have the same rights as straight Christians?  Why are Christians so special that they have special rights afforded to them?  Are they special because God made them that way?  Well, if you believe that, then it must be true.  Belief is the key word here.  Lots of people believe lots of things.  I supposed one reason Christians have the right to worship what they want is that the founding fathers knew that Christians would not hesitate to blow the head off other Christians over their beliefs.  It is much easier to let people believe what they want in peace rather than risking the new country to a bunch of religious zealots who would undoubtedly start religious wars in this country if they could (and some still want to).  Luckily the founding fathers recognized this danger of Christianity and sought to make sure that people could worship whatever they wanted.  Of course, I fully support the right of people to worship what they want–but I also know the reason why religion is a protected part of our country.

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