The Lover of Satan Speaks

I didn’t call him that, but Peter LaBarbera (whom I haven’t written about in a long time because he is a bit off, if you ask me) has been called the lover of Satan when he was giving a talk on, guess what–the evil homosexuals.  Peter and his anti-gay friends aren’t too happy about that new title, but I can see why a few people would want to call him that.  He spent his adult life demonizing the glbt community.  How sad is that?  I should say that Nelson Garcia sent me the link to Peter LaBarbera’s speech a few days ago and I haven’t had time to deal with it.  But I see that Peter LaBarbera is moaning about the fact that gays and lesbians are now allowed to marry in Iowa, so this seems like a good time to point out a little of what LaBarbera had to say. 

Here are some things he had to say in that speech of his to the Church of Christian Liberty run by some guy named Pastor Lindstrom.  His words are bolded and my comments are below.  I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the last 1/2 hour or so.  You can listen to the speech here

“The Religious liberty section of the homosexual agenda”

Persecuted ‘for speaking truth about homosexuality”

The transsexual movement spends more than the entire pro-family movement spends fighting the homosexual agenda (!!!) “I’m not sure about that—if it is close and they are probably spending more”

The Human Rights Campaign, in 2008, brought in 28 million dollars. However, the Focus on the Family Group brought in over 128 million dollars. Later in his speech he claims HRC “the leading homosexual lobby in the world, probably.” The American Family Association brought in 17 million while the Family Research Council brought in 11 million. There is no way that the transsexual movement spends more than the entire pro-family movement. Peter LaBarbera stood up in a church (if you can call it that) and lied. Either that or he is supremely ignorant about something that is supposed to be his expertise.

“they have a lot more time to do what they do”

He doesn’t explain what he means by this. He seems to think that the glbt community has more time on its hands to make sure that everyone in society is treated equally and fairly.

The gay side has advanced ‘by personalizing everything”

Imagine that! We are no longer stereotypes of the wicked gay men who prey on little boys or wicked lesbians wanting to steal daughters and make them motorcycle riders (or whatever lesbians were rumored to do!). We are people who have real lives and real loves. Peter LaBarbera would rather everyone still think of the stereotypes.

Enemy, evil version of personal evangelizing

These are a few of his adjectives he uses—evil, enemy, and later on he says they follow the father of lies and that there is an evil genius of the movement. Does anyone have to wonder why some gay activists are using his same language on him? I’m surprised that he is surprised.

Sexual substitution test: take another sexual sin like adultery or pornography and put it in that place to see if it makes sense.

Funny, I haven’t heard of laws that are sweeping through the nation that would prevent adulterers or pornographers and those who watch pornography from marrying who they love. Where are those laws? Where are the laws that can kick out an adulterer from a job for being an adulterer? How about being kicked out of public housing or hotels for adultery (my guess is that hotels make quite a bit of money of these adulterers and would never think about keeping them out just because adultery is a sin!). How about the laws that would ban adulterers from eating in cafes? So Peter LaBarbera’s ‘sexual substitution test’ just doesn’t make sense logically. Sure, it makes for a great story to gullible people, but if you think about it, it just doesn’t work.

The language is debased. The evil genius of the movement is the word gay.

This reminds me of a scene from Tales of the City when two rich white guys are sitting in their private club, with black waiters serving them, complaining about the goddamn homosexuals that have ruined the word ‘gay’…

Blacks, Hispanics, and there are gay Americans.

Peter LaBarbera mentions a few times that he has personally spoken with 50 ex-gays and that shows that being gay is a choice, unlike being black or Hispanic. I wonder how Peter knows these ex-gays are really ex-gay? All you have to do is look at the biggest ex-gay movment in the U.S.—Exodus—to realize that an ex-gay is just someone who is fooling themselves. Exodus loves to say that an ex-gay is just someone who has given their lives over to Christ—but who have not becoming straight.  Talk about fooling themselves.

“do it with the spirit of compassion”

Peter LaBarbara has never acted with a ‘spirit of compassion’ towards the glbt community. In fact, this is what he had to say today (April 3, 2009) on what just happened in Iowa:

“Today Iowa becomes the first state not on either of the nation’s two liberal coasts to impose homosexual ‘marriage’ or its mischievous twin, ‘civil unions,’ on its citizens through judicial tyranny. To call this decision bankrupt is to understate its perniciousness. The evil genius of the pro-sodomy movement is that it targets noble institutions like marriage and adoption in the name of ‘rights,’ and then perverts them to normalize aberrant behaviors.” So what spirit of compassion is showing when he talks about evil-genius, pro-sodomy movement, perverts (as a verb) and aberrant behaviors?

“If they had state power they would ban this talk”

Peter is, well, such a drama queen. But after stating that, he says that if he were in control of the Gay Liberation Network:

I can’t be in charge of the Gay liberation network and if I was, I would make some changes…I would rescue the rainbow.

“They’re following the father of lies”

“satan’s talking points”

Adulterous orientation with being gay.

And it goes on and on.  I still find it hard to believe that an adult can waste his entire life trying to demonize a group of people and to try to keep them from getting equal protection under the law.

Why is it that Peter LaBarbera, who pretends to be a Christian, won’t speak about Christianity being a choice?  If he did, he would then have to explain why he believes a choice like that is to be protected under the law, but another choice (at least that’s what he believes) is not to be protected under the law.  It is time to start pointing out these issues to these so-called Christians, especially when they go on and on about Christian persecution.  After all, Christians who are being persecuted could stop being persecuted by choosing to not be Christians…

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6 Responses to The Lover of Satan Speaks

  1. Cassie says:

    Peter LaBarbera wouldn\’t know Christ if Christ smashed him in the face with His cross (which, now that I think of it, I\’d pay to see). But you know the answer to your own question—people,who spend that much time on the issue are closet gays who hate themselves because they are unable to accept themselves for who and what they are and so they act this way trying to fool themselves into believing they are not gay. But it never worls and when they feel "tempted" (as they call it0 they need to scream louder.Pity them, Kevin…they are in great inward pain…and be merciful to them…is that not what Jesus would have us do? "If a man smite thee on the right cheek offer him the other also…."

  2. Cassie says:

    "works" not "worls"

  3. Cassie says:

    BTW—if he makes a mistake and strikes you on the LEFT cheek first you can beat his brains in.Just KIDDING!!!But I did go to High School with Satan and I have a 4-1-1 for ya….he\’s Bi

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass! Glad to hear you are up and around! Yes, I know I should pity that man. Part of me does. Another part of me doesn\’t. Maybe one day he will see the light and stop his witch hunt…

  5. Cassie says:

    Hey, gang! Ever wonder what would happen if Captain James. T. Kirk\’s nephew, Peter, were to ask his famous Uncle as a ship\’s captain, to officiate at his marriage. A same-sex marriage for young Peter?Wonder no longer. Click here: then click "star trek phase II" at the top of the page..then click "Blood and Fire Part 1 on the left of your screen THEN scroll down until you see "Episode Segments" and start right-clicking and downloading the QT links beginning with "Teaser". You will need Apple Quicktime which is available free here with or without ITunesIf you don\’t know about Star Trek Phase II (originaly New Voyages) these are shows done as though the original 5 year mission were continuing—already Walter Koenig (the original Chekhov) and George Takei (the original Sulu) have done guest starring turns on this. And in Part 2 of Blood and Fire (which is in post-production) Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar on Next Generation) is guest starring. These started out as incredibly impressive fan productions (I will open the first first show "Come What May" on my skydrive for network friends—-they were just starting with that one and they blew me away and they have gotten better witch each internet episode they have done.

  6. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass,I\’ll have to watch that–I seem to remember something about George Takei\’s marriage to his partner and Shatner not going (or maybe not invited???)..

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