American Association of Political Consultants and Prop. 8

I’ve never heard of the AAPC, until today.  I read in the S.F. Chronicle that this group gave an award to a man named Frank Schubert.  The Award is called the The AAPC-NCC Pollie Award for Excellence in Cable Advertising.  They also won the 2009 Campaign excellence Award for Public Affairs Team of the Year.  Mr. Schubert was the person who created the ‘Like it or Not’ video of S.F. Mayor Gavin Newson.  It tipped the tide to the Prop. 8 supporters.  This group had the nerve to honor this guy.  Here is a bit of the article:

Schubert acknowledged that half the crowd at the Gaylord hotel ballroom didn’t agree with his stance.

Still, he was happy to give the political pros from across the country a 45-minute seminar on his victorious campaign, where he was asked: "How did you come from 14 points behind in the polls and win?"

Well, Schubert explained, they were very disciplined, they had tremendous support from the faith community and they had "a gift from God: Gavin Newsom."

Whereupon Schubert showed the same-sex-marrying San Francisco mayor delivering his infamous "it’s gonna happen, whether you like it or not" line that became the anchor for Schubert’s TV campaign.

The place exploded in laughter.

Imagine that–some guy creates a video that is responsible for taking away the civil rights of a minority group–and all the AAPC can do is laugh?  I am betting this group also gave Anita Bryant an award for her courageous work to demonize the gay and lesbian population all throughout the country.  I bet they gave an award to the political consultants that created the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy which resulted in the firing of thousands of gays and lesbians–right at the time when this country needed as much help as possible.  And I bet they gave an award to the KKK for their successful drive to sign up numerous white supremacists when Obama was running for the Presidency. 

You can write to Whit Ayers, the President of this association here:


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