Are There Really 155 Million People Struggling with “Same Sex Attraction”?

Well, only if you believe the president of Exodus, Alan Chambers.  I just received the President’s Letter from Exodus.  In it Chamber states that there are 155 million people like himself (and he is definitely still gay but trying desperately not to be)–and without a shred of evidence to back it up. 

What is really disgusting about getting this email now is the fact that Exodus is directly responsible for setting off a wave of gay hatred in Uganda.  You can see the entire account of this at Box Turtle Bulletin.  People are being tortured and killed in Uganda after Exodus Board Member Don Schmeirer went to Uganda.  After their visit the government of Uganda went on a witch hunt against the glbt community there.  Exodus should have its non-profit status pulled and the whole organization should be torn down.  They are directly involved with persecuting the gay and lesbian community in another country.  If they really believe in Jesus, then that whole organization needs to get down on its knees and beg for forgiveness for all the death and destruction they have caused. 

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