The Coming Storm

I just saw on Facebook that Joe Brummer posted the link to the disgraced Maggie Gallagher production (from the National Organization for Marriage).  Here is the video:

Joe hits it on the head when he stated:

This is video inspiration for violence against gays and lesbians. Pay careful attention to the language they use in this ad about how something dark and scary is coming and we must rise to fight it. Pay attention to the messages of "us vs. them" that is accompanied by the "everyone is going to rise up against the gay people, so should you" message. They then show you people "in danger" of being damaged by gay marriage so they can make glbt look like a threat to freedom. It is a "call to arms" to fight gay people and sadly it adds to the climate that justifies hate crimes against gays and lesbians. The underlying message is that it is Okay to beat the gays up because they are part of the dark evil storm that is coming that must be stopped, so if you happen to kill a gay, its okay, you did it for the cause.
This stuff makes me pretty angry because I value the safety of my fellow GLBT folks. I wish these people would not frame their message as a call to arms to fight gay people.

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4 Responses to The Coming Storm

  1. Cassie says:

    Violence and Religious Zeal have a long history together…from the policy of genocide practiced by the Hebrews in the countries they passed through during the Exodus to the Inquisitions and Witch burnings and crusades practiced by the Christians and the Jihads (Holy Wars) led by the Mahdi (Muhammad Ahmad ibn as Sayyid Abd Allah) most famous for beheading General Gordon at the fall of Khartoum—and others before and since.And I confess, I do not see the Hand of God in any of these things. At least, no God I would or could respect or worship.

  2. Robert says:

    Very interesting, and this video does seem to suggest "repercussions" for Gay Marriage.

  3. Deb says:

    Kevin, I have to say that I didn\’t get that negative message of "violence". I got the message that these people think that their lives will be affected if two loving couples of the same sex were to get married. I\’m not sure how this affects them in any way or form, but they did go on to say that it will be a "dark day" when we are finally accepted, because their children will be learning that being gay and being in a same sex marriage is "okay". I heard nothing violence, however I do know that some resort to it. This video did not mention a word of violence, only undertones of hate and discrimination.

  4. Joe says:

    They don\’t mention violence and they don\’t out right ask for it. It is just the underlying theme. Ask yourself how people react when they are told that something dark and scary is coming. Such messages bring up fear. How do people react to fear of something coming? They want to protect themselves. The video is telling folks that the dark storm is coming (gay marriage) and that it is going to take their freedom, change their lives, force them to do things they don\’t want. In other words, they are asking people to be afraid. It is in fear that people resort to violence. Their is overwhelming amounts of research on violence to show this is the case. We have years worth of propaganda from the nazi\’s to segregationist in the 50s that show how such fear tactics lead to violence. What is sad is that it is still happening.

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