The Family Redefined

It appears that it is not the glbt population that is redefining the family–it is the pregnant woman who is having children without being married first.  CNN is reporting that a whopping 40% of all babies born in 2007 came from unwed mothers.  What do these religious fundamentalists have to say about that?  My guess is that they will blame it on same-sex marriage (they seem to be blaming everything on us lately)!  However, the population as a whole needs to be informed about this and they need to start questioning why the religious fundamentalists are blaming gays and lesbians for destroying the ‘traditional’ family, when clearly straight people are doing a damned good job at wrecking the ‘traditional’ family (whatever that is).  So why blame us?  Because it is easier to blame someone else rather than blaming yourself (and there is quite a bit of money to be made demonizing the glbt community as opposed to demonizing 40% of all the babies born in 2007).

And here is a disclaimer–I am totally for people not getting married until they are ready for it, even if it means having children before getting married. 

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