Death Threats to Iowan Lawmakers

So here you have a good example of why everyone must be treated equally and how dangerous it is to enact legislation to make it so.  There have been death threats against openly gay Iowa State Senator McCoy (D), Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal (D) and House Speaker Pat Murphy (D) because of their support for marriage equality.  And guess what happened today?  There were anti-equality protestors outside the state capital–by the Iowa Christian Alliance, the Iowa Family Policy Center and some group called Everyday America.  I hope the police will investigate these groups.  I would bet that the threats came from them or some of their ‘good Christian’ followers. 

Why is it so hard for people to treat other people equally?  I find it totally unbelievable that one group would work so hard to take away the rights of others.  I have to admit I was thinking of Peter LaBarbera today as I was digging holes for our new fence.  I was imagining what his kids are going to do when they find out that their daddy is a modern day witchhunter who is causing death and destruction around the country.  Will they be proud of how he supports his family?  It appears that his wife certainly isn’t proud of him (you can listen to a speech he gave a couple of weeks ago and hear it straight from him).   My guess is that their father is going to have some explaining to do when they get old enough to think for themselves and I am betting they won’t like his explanation…

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One Response to Death Threats to Iowan Lawmakers

  1. Joe says:

    My question is…..will Peter LaBarbera or other anti-gay christians condemn or condone this? Will I see a message from Peter on his site that condemns these actions? Will I see any of the anti-gay spokesman condemn this or will their be the usual silence that quietly supports these death threats, and other tactics of oppression. I don\’t mind the oppositions view when they are shared nonviolently and when they are done in the spirit of peace, and they are not!

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