Now We’re Responsible for the Downfall of the S.F. Chronicle!

As I was eating breakfast and reading the paper with my husband, I read this in the Letters to the Editor:

Too far left

As a longtime subscriber, I have been following the advice from many readers on how The Chron may survive.

I believe the newspaper is doomed because it has lost touch with the readership. Has anyone recently researched who is actually reading the paper? I seriously doubt it. The Parting Shot feature on the back page of a recent Sunday’s Insight says it all: Under "Good Week," it listed the Castros and gay rights.

Has it possibly occurred to anyone that perhaps a majority of The Chronicle’s subscribers does not support gay marriage and that these readers, unlike the paper’s reporters, are aware of the ongoing horrors in Cuba?

The daily avalanche of biased propaganda is killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Here is a thought: Why not start a Havana Edition? The Chronicle’s editors and reporters ought to feel at home.




I decided to write the Chronicle:

Dear Editor, So now I see that the gays are responsible for the possible downfall of the Chronicle (Dirk Van Ulden, April 16). I suppose that makes sense, since we are responsible for the fires last summer, the drought, the earthquakes, the hurricanes and finally, the downfall of civilization with our fight for equal rights. Oh, and Mr. Van Ulden, I also fully support opening up Cuba to the United States–I suppose we will be responsible for the downfall of Cuba as well…

Kevin Kaatz

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2 Responses to Now We’re Responsible for the Downfall of the S.F. Chronicle!

  1. Robert says:

    Most Newspapers, like the Chronicle are going to have to become more Internet based, the way we get news has changed, has nothing to do with being on the left or right, or Gay Rights. Dirk is just wishing it was because of Gay Rights, because it fits more into his beliefs, not logical reasons.

  2. Cassie says:

    "Print is dead if you\’re not jacked in you\’re not alive!"—"Fritz" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 episode "I Robot, You Jane"

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