Don Wildmon is Going to Hell for Lying

Don Wildmon, President of the American Family Association has put out the biggest lie I have ever heard.  I think it is time that Don Wildmon put down his baseball bat and pick up the Bible and actually read it.  Here is a letter I just received from him:

Get ready, America. Congress is set to make various sexual orientations legally protected.

Your call is needed today!

April 28 2009

Dear Kevin,

Congress is set to give legally protected status to 30 sexual orientations, including incest. Because of pressure from homosexual groups, Congress has refused to define what is meant by "sexual orientation" in H.R. 1913, the "Hate Crimes" bill. This means that the 30 different sexual orientations will be federally protected classes.
To see the orientations that will be protected by the Hate Crimes bill (H.R. 1913), click here.
The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on H.R. 1913 in a matter of days. Right now, there is still time to kill this bill, but time is short.

Take Action!

Click Here to get the direct telephone number for your representative, along with suggested talking points for your call. Call your representative today to demand politely, but firmly, that he or she vote against H.R. 1913.
Please forward this to all your family and friends. You may be told this information is incorrect. If so, ask why then did the House Judiciary Committee refuse to define "sexual orientation?"
Pastors, it is time to take a stand. Share this information with your members, and ask them to call.

Thank you for caring enough to get involved. If you feel our efforts are worthy of support, would you consider making a small tax-deductible contribution to help us continue?

Donald E. Wildmon,
Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

Oh, and I also suggest that Don Wildmon actually read the legislation.  Where does he get off saying that there are 30 sexual orientations about to be protected?  I do think this guy has gone off the deep edge.  I suppose all that witch-hunting he does has gone to his head.

And if you are wondering what those 30 sexual orientations are, here you go (courtesy of the American Family Association)

The Hate Crime law, HR-1913, will make 30 sexual orientations federally-protected. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has published 30 such sexual orientations that, because of Congress’s refusal to define "sexual orientation," will be protected under this legislation. These 30 orientations are listed in the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), which is used by physicians, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and psychiatrists throughout the U.S. It is considered the dictionary of mental disorders. Those 30 sexual orientations include behaviors that are felonies or misdemeanors in most states.
Among those sexual orientations being protected by HR-1913 are these:

Apotemnophilia – sexual arousal associated with the stump(s) of an Amputee
Asphyxophilia – sexual gratification derived from activities that involve oxygen deprivation through hanging, strangulation, or other means
Autogynephilia – the sexual arousal of a man by his own perception of himself as a woman or dressed as a woman
Bisexual – the capacity to feel erotic attraction toward, or to engage in sexual interaction with, both males and females
Coprophilia – sexual arousal associated with feces
Exhibitionism – the act of exposing one’s genitals to an unwilling observer to obtain sexual gratification
Fetishism/Sexual Fetishism – obtaining sexual excitement primarily or exclusively from an inanimate object or a particular part of the body
Frotteurism – approaching an unknown woman from the rear and pressing or rubbing the penis against her buttocks
Heterosexuality – the universal norm of sexuality with those of the opposite sex
Homosexual/Gay/Lesbian – people who form sexual relationships primarily or exclusively with members of their own gender
Gender Identity Disorder – a strong and persistent cross-gender identification, which is the desire to be, or the insistence that one is, or the other sex, "along with" persistent discomfort about one’s assigned sex or a sense of the inappropriateness in the gender role of that sex
Gerontosexuality – distinct preference for sexual relationships primarily or exclusively with an elderly partner
Incest – sex with a sibling or parent
Kleptophilia – obtaining sexual excitement from stealing
Klismaphilia – erotic pleasure derived from enemas
Necrophilia – sexual arousal and/or activity with a corpse
Partialism – A fetish in which a person is sexually attracted to a specific body part exclusive of the person
Pedophilia – Sexual activity with a prepubescent child (generally age 13 years or younger). The individual with pedophilia must be age 16 years or older and at least 5 years older than the child. For individuals in late adolescence with pedophilia, no precise age difference is specified, and clinical judgment must be used; both the sexual maturity of the child and the age difference must be taken into account; the adult may be sexually attracted to opposite sex, same sex, or prefer either
Prostitution – the act or practice of offering sexual stimulation or intercourse for money
Sexual Masochism – obtaining sexual gratification by being subjected to pain or humiliation
Sexual Sadism – the intentional infliction of pain or humiliation on another person in order to achieve sexual excitement
Telephone Scatalogia – sexual arousal associated with making or receiving obscene phone calls
Toucherism – characterized by a strong desire to touch the breast or genitals of an unknown woman without her consent; often occurs in conjunction with other paraphilia
Transgenderism – an umbrella term referring to and/or covering transvestitism, drag queen/king, and transsexualism
Transsexual – a person whose gender identity is different from his or her anatomical gender
Transvestite – a person who is sexually stimulated or gratified by wearing the clothes of the other gender
Transvestic Fetishism – intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving cross-dressing
Urophilia – sexual arousal associated with urine
Voyeurism – obtaining sexual arousal by observing people without their consent when they are undressed or engaged in sexual activity
Zoophilia/Bestiality – engaging in sexual activity with animals
To protect a "sexual orientation" under H.R. 1913 – while leaving that term undefined — is to protect this whole range of bizarre sexual behaviors. It is to normalize by federal law what are still considered to be mental disorders (paraphilias) by the American Psychiatric Association.

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    3 Responses to Don Wildmon is Going to Hell for Lying

    1. Cassie says:

      wow—this guy is wrong on so many levels it is impossible to begin to comment (and the idiots who follow him wouldn\’t listen anyway). Fortunately I believe there are enough sane people in this country (well, sane and RECOVERING sanity post -Bush) that his vitriol will have little or no effect this time around. It is interesting to note that he seems to object to "heterosexuality" being protected (its in his list above) as well as the others lol

    2. Kevin says:

      Hey Cass! I totally agree with you–there are enough sane people around to make sure this guy\’s views obsolete. And yes, I see that he wants to outlaw heterosexuality as well. Poor guy. He is so confused… 🙂

    3. Kevin says:

      Also, what Wildmon doesn\’t understand is that the Hate Crime Law doesn\’t protect sexual orientations–it protects people from physical violence. Who would say it is o.k. to beat the crap out of someone who is into gerontosexuality? The whole point is that someone should not beat or kill someone else when sexual orientation is the motivating factor. What Don Wildmon and his friends are really saying is that they are all for violence against the glbt community.

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