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I’m being Persecuted More Than You, Therefore I am Better…

  A black, Christian divorced woman said this to me: “You have missed my point completely Kevin. You don’t have to fight for rights that you already have. But if you should be discriminated because of your homosexuality, I don’t … Continue reading

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My Book—Early Controversies and the Growth of Christianity

I just received the contract to write my book with Praeger Publishers!  I am pretty excited about it.  The manuscript isn’t due until the end of the year, and I don’t know when the publishing date will be after that, … Continue reading

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The License

Here is another video from the same person who made the Defender video.  It is all about traditional marriage and how it should be done—according to tradition.  Enjoy!

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The Defenders Video

I just saw this funny (but not so funny) video about those Christians that claim to follow the Bible when they are against marriage.  It might be funny, but as the woman on the video says, ‘majority rules.’  This is … Continue reading

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The Writing is On the Wall

The State Supreme Court finding here in California has really energized people.  There is only 600,000 votes that separated the glbt community from getting the right to marry.  Just 600,000.  Now the glbt community is started to campaign in places … Continue reading

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And the Work Begins

I am pretty happy that it has been decided that Nov. 2010 there will be on the ballot a proposal to delete Prop. 8 from the State Constitution.  We’ve all seen how easy it is for the majority to push … Continue reading

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Bitter:  The State Supreme Court of California has allowed a bunch of religious bigoted fundamentalists to change the constitution.  Amazing.  The ruling was 4 For and 3 Against (***correction—It was a 6-1 vote***)—so it wasn’t unanimous.     All it takes is … Continue reading

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