Garden Pics

We’ve been spending a large amount of time outside working in the yard.  We’ve planted about 20 tomato plants (14 from seed, 3 from Home Depot and 3 that were given to me by a stranger).  That doesn’t include the two tomatoes that popped up all by themselves.  I’ll definitely be canning and giving tons away!

I just picked our first artichoke of the season.  There are at least 8 more on the plant, which is about 5 feet in diameter.  It has huge, dark green leaves. 

I’ll be cooking that one tonight for dinner.

We’ve also been picking strawberries, although not as many as we should be.  At the beginning of last week we picked about 2 quarts.  There were still lots on the plants—until I noticed that those were missing Friday morning.  Someone had come in the yard (I still haven’t built the gate yet!) and picked them clean.  Not only that, they ripped up 2 of the 2 year old plants—the very ones that produce tons.  So now we have a bunch of dead strawberries.  I hope they choked on them…  Here is the latest batch:

That’s about it for the strawberries.  Damn—we waited a full year to get lots of strawberries and then they were just stolen.  This is why we are building a fence around the entire property.  Not as big as this one:

This is the side/back yard fence.  We stained it earlier this week and I’ve put up some garden art near it that I built a while ago.  We’ve also just planted a grapefruit tree and four tomato plants.  Speaking of tomato plants, three of those were given to me by a stranger.  A guy stopped by and chatted with me the beginning of last week about his missing cat (which was found four days later).  He said he worked at an estate and they grew a bunch of dahlias for a wedding.  Now that the wedding is over, they were just throwing out the dahlia roots, so he asked me if I wanted them.  I’ve already planted a dozen of them in the side yard that I picked up about a month ago.  Just the other night he stopped by and gave me a dozen more.  The roots are massive, and the flowers will be blood red.  I’ve planted them in groups of four around the yard.  He also brought three tomato plants—Tigerella, Snow White Cherry and Isis Candy.  They all sound good and I can’t wait to see what the Tigerella tomato ends up looking like!  I’ve seen pictures and they look good.  I also have some horseradish roots that desperately need to go in the ground and I must have about 200 flower seedlings that are just waiting for the front fence to be built.  I’ll then be able to plant them throughout the yard.  I still have a bunch of seeds that need to go in, as well as all the irrigation tubing.  I did something to my back the other day so the fence-post digging will have to wait a bit.  And this weekend the temp is supposed to be in the upper 90s.

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