A New Book Deal?

I was surprised this morning when I received an email from a publisher about publishing a book.  A couple of years ago I had met an editor and he encouraged me to send in a proposal for a book.  I sent him a couple, but they didn’t get very far.  But the last one I sent did.  We got to the point of naming the book, but then everything fell through.  Unfortunately I stopped working on it when that happened.  But just today I received an email from the publisher about publishing it.  It will be on early Christian controversies through the 4th century.  I am pretty excited about it even though it is going to be a large amount of work getting it ready (since I stopped).  But I think about these topics all the time, so it should be fun to finally see it through the end.  I am also nearly finished with converting my Ph.D. dissertation into a book—so it may be a good year for publishing a few books!

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