New Hampshire, Gay Marriage and “Protections”

I find it interesting that the governor of New Hampshire will not sign the gay marriage law until religions are ‘protected’ from being forced to marry gays and lesbians.  This is ridiculous—who has ever heard of the Catholic Church being forced to marry a Baptist straight couple?  No one.  It just doesn’t happen.  These so-called Christian groups are howling that their religious freedoms need to be protected from those evil gay and lesbian couples who just want to be married.  It never occurred to me to get married anywhere else than at the San Francisco City Hall.  After all, a real marriage only occurs after a governmental official gives approval.  A real marriage does not take place in this country in ANY church or place of worship.  That is just a religious ceremony.  There is a difference and it is too bad that this governor (and all the others who have ‘protected’ religious organizations) don’t want to understand that marriage is a civil matter—not a religious matter.  And they also don’t seem to understand that a gay couple who isn’t Christian isn’t going to want to get married in a Catholic Church, just as a Jehovah Witness couple won’t force the neighborhood Baptist church to marry them or a Muslim couple won’t force a Seventh Day Adventist Church to marry them.  These so-called Christians are losing the moral battle against gays and lesbians.  They know, deep down, that their treatment of the glbt community is wrong and if they don’t know that, they at least recognize that their deeply held beliefs will soon go the way of the deeply held religious belief that slavery was good.

And please don’t give me that argument that you can’t compare slavery with the glbt civil rights movement.  Sexuality can’t be changed—you just have to look at the president of Exodus to prove that.

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3 Responses to New Hampshire, Gay Marriage and “Protections”

  1. Jeffrey says:

    It\’s an excuse. And any old excuse will do. I agree with you about marriage too. Marriage has always been two parts – the licensing and "the exhibition." The licensing is a right that is being denied and is the important component. The exhibition is a choice, and not necessary, but you can always get that as there are plenty of gay friendly churches. I don\’t believe for a second that they feel they will be compelled to perform same sex marriage ceremonies. This is just another monkey wrench… What is the status of prop 8 in your view?

  2. Robert says:

    The argument of Religious Protections is just silly, no one can force a Church to marry them, Straight or Gay. Another smoke and mirror situation, from the real story of the Governor just being anti-gay, but he doesn\’t have the balls to say it.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob,I agree!Hey Jeffrey–I\’m just about to do a little blog on Prop. 8…

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