Married at Least Until Tuesday…

It looks like the State Supreme Court will make its decision on Prop. 8—the hateful proposition that was paid for by religious fundamentalists to force their religious beliefs on all of us.  At least that means that I am married until Tuesday at 10 am.  After that, it is all up to the very court that allowed me to get married in the first place.  It will be an interesting day.  There are either going to be protests or celebrations depending on whether the court does the right thing or not. 

If they don’t do the right thing, the other minorities had better watch out because it means that majorities rule—and they can trample over minority rights.  If they don’t do the right thing, they will be damned activist judges!  🙂

And if they do the right thing, they are excellent judges that know what it means to uphold the Constitution.

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2 Responses to Married at Least Until Tuesday…

  1. Deb says:

    Sorry to hear that, Kevin. Even though New York recognizes our marriage, we know that it\’s not permanent. Until then, with more supporters for our rights to become equal and less religious bigots\’ influences on the voting system, we can have more peace of mind knowing that our marriage will be valid. Legal. Official. Recognized. The most important thing is, and never lose sight of this – what you have with you and your husband. I hope that you have more loving focus on your wonderful husband, rather than these awful people threatening the "legality" of your love. They can\’t take away your union.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Deb,Thanks for that! This is exactly what Doug keeps telling me. I am just a little stubborn… 🙂

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