And the Work Begins

I am pretty happy that it has been decided that Nov. 2010 there will be on the ballot a proposal to delete Prop. 8 from the State Constitution.  We’ve all seen how easy it is for the majority to push its religious agenda on all of us. Now it is time to push back.  This is far from over.  And if we lose in 2010, it will be on the ballot every single year until we all get equality.  I suppose all these Christian fundamentalists will learn that changing the State Constitution is an easy thing.  They’ve opened a can of worms they won’t be able to close.  And I am still wondering what group they are going to attack next?  I suggest those who are divorce.  They might as well make divorce illegal since their own Savior has stated this…

I think I put this video up before, but this will start playing in California today.  We just need to convince 2 % of the people who voted for Prop. 8 to realize they did the wrong thing and to make them realize why they did the wrong thing.  Just 2%.  We are that close.  We’ll get there.

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5 Responses to And the Work Begins

  1. Cassie says:

    If you want to win this try avoiding the trap the Christian Fundamentalists (and others, the MORMONS aren\’t exactly Fundamentalists, after all—their founder was MURDERED by Christian Fundamentalists and what was it BUT "Christian Fundamentalism" that forced them to abandon the practice of polygamy—at least, OFFICIALLY??? The United States ARMY marched into the TERRITORY of Utah and forced them to give it up at GUNPOINT—they have forgotten their history and how they were denied THEIR freedom by the ancestors of this same bunch they\’re allied with NOW). The Catholics had a rough time in America TOO until AFTER the Revolution and the establishment of tbe United States Constitution they were treated like DIRT by these same puritanical, intolerant, BIGOTED swine with which they now associate THEMSELVES in order to deny basic civil rights to a portion of the population.You must drive it home to the voters again and again (not pulling any punched) that this is NOT an argument about RELIGION —or about who can believe WHAT—it is an argument about a human CIVIL right to marry the person one loves (which even for heterosexuals was not always the rule. Marriage for LOVE didn\’t really begin–in the West, anyway, until the 14th Century—before that people married the person their parents or their King or whoever arranged for them to marry—any relationships for LOVE were on the side).But don\’t get sucked into the Bible stuff. As I have attempted to show you will always LOSE if you let the argument go THERE.Drive it home—this is NOT a theocracy, there is no state supported religion (nor SHOULD there be) this is about human rights. When you talk—talk about discrimination, bigotry, hate, and lies…But do NOT argue about religion.THEN you can win.

  2. Cassie says:

    Speaking of Marriage for Love (which the Catholic Church strongly opposed) and how it came about the ancient Troubadours had a neat trick to make their point. They took to spelling the word for love "amour" as "amor" which was the opposite of "Roma" (the Church) GET it???

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass,It is going to take a lot of convincing to make me think this isn\’t about religion. I\’ve heard a million times \’God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.\’ That is religion. But I see your point. People probably won\’t change their religious beliefs. However, if we focus on civil rights and equality for all, they might change their mind. But sooner or later, they will need to think about their religion because if they agree to vote for equality, they vote to allow the glbt community to marry. And that is against some of their religious beliefs. I don\’t kno how they will deal with that. But at least 10% of those that voted against gay marriage in 2000 then changed and voted to allow it. So there is hope!

  4. Cassie says:

    Well, of COURSE it is about religion for THEM. But most people have compartmentalized minds. Most of those who attack us so rabidly also want Creationism taught in Public Schools (which is not what PUBLIC schools are FOR). The majority of Christians, though, are capable of believing in BOTH Genesis and Darwin. THESE are the ame people who, while they may believe God isn\’t especially crazy about Gay things, are nevertheless willing to "let people do their own thing" and leave it up to God how HE wants to handle all that.THESE are the folks who WILL side with the LGBT (or GLBT—and how is it us T\’s never get top billing?) Community and vote DOWN that stupid law…as long as you (us) don\’t let ourselves get sucked into a debate about religion so the Fundamentalists can twist it to make it look like we want to DESTROY religion.That was how they got Prop 8 passed…and it is how they will fight again,So tell EVERY spokesperson you know and tell your friends–stay AWAY from religion and make YOUR argument based ONLY on the Rights of the Minority.On CIVIL issues.You will win.

  5. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass,I will certainly try because I think you are totally right.

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