No Equal Rights for Most GLBT People in this Country

A couple of weeks ago I had a discussion with Carlotta at Christocentric.  She seemed to think that gay people have the same rights as anyone else.  I told her that most states in this country actively discriminate against the glbt community, just for being who they are.  Here is proof:

In Wisconsin, the State Assembly just passed a Domestic Partnership registry (which you can read about at Box Turtle Bulletin), which would give glbts the right to visit their partners in hospital, it would allow two partners to jointly own property and allow them inheritance rights.

What this means is that in Wisconsin (unless the Senate passes the bill), partners do not have the right to visit their sick partner in the hospital.  This is barbaric.  Why would any state have this law?  What benefit does the state get by not allowing two private citizens to visit each other in a hospital, especially if one is on his/her deathbed?  What benefit does the state get from not allowing two private citizens to own property together?  And what benefit does the state get for not allowing one person to pass on his/her property at death?

What benefit?  Well, the only benefit I can see is that it caves in to the religious fundamentalists who believe that they are entitled to special rights because they think they are Christian.  That is the only real benefit a state gets from actively discriminating against private citizens who don’t share the same religious beliefs as others. 

I’ve said this before—there is circular reasoning happening here.  The religious fundamentalists say we cannot be families.  And then they turn around to make sure, legally, we cannot be families.  Thus they are correct that we cannot be families because they made it like this.  Fortunately I live in a state where my family, my marriage, is legally recognized.  Unfortunately the State Supreme Court created a special class of people, like myself, that has equal rights compared to straight married people, but left a part of the population behind.

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2 Responses to No Equal Rights for Most GLBT People in this Country

  1. Rob says:

    Wisconsin may have been the first state to pass an anti-descrimination law that included sexual orientation – but it didn\’t hold onto it\’s progressive tradition. It wasn\’t difficult to move out of the state – or the country for that matter.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob, I know what you mean about moving. I\’m glad we aren\’t in Michigan anymore (although I miss my family)–they are getting rid of rights right and left. And I would still love to go back to Sydney…

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