A Stolen Bike

Someone came into the yard either last night or sometime this morning when I was teaching and stole Doug’s bike.  Admittedly it has been parked in the back/side yard, in plain view, unlocked for a couple of weeks now.  But we trust that no one will come onto our property and steal things.  I’m not sure why I believe that.  We’ve had tomatoes, lemons, strawberries, roses and God knows what else stolen from the yard.  We’ve got the fences up, but not the gates (well, I have the side gate nearly built but just not up).  I guess that will give us an incentive to get the gates finished. Neither one of us want to build a fortress around the house.  I have too much fun meeting the people in the neighborhood who like to stop and chat about the yard. 

But tonight I put the lawn chairs in the garage as well as the bbq.  I also really hate the idea of someone coming into our yard, next to the house when I don’t know it.  I always keep the doors locked, even when I am in the house.  I’ll just be a bit more paranoid the next coming days.

I also told Doug that it is time we get serious about getting motion-detecting lights. I’ve seen some neat solar-powered ones.  My brother has been trying to convince me to buy a security camera, or at least a webcam that will come on when it detects motion.  I’ve been tempted, but I don’t want to have to worry about it all the time.  We’ve called the police about it and they should be here soon.

The bike is a fairly rare bike for this area—not expensive, but rare because we bought it in Australia and had it shipped over.  Maybe the police can find it and maybe they will apply the Old Testament law about stealing to whoever did it:

Ex. 22:3 "…a thief must certainly make restitution, but if he has nothing, he must be sold to pay for his debt."

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3 Responses to A Stolen Bike

  1. Justin says:

    HI Kevin, I can empathize with you about the paranoid feeling. I can still remember the feeling of coming home and finding all our stuff strewn through out the house. The tv and all the tapes were missing except one which I found ironic. It was the 6 hour epic of the life of Jesus :). At least the cops will respond to your call when we called them here they said they didnt send people out to investigate such things (guess they were afraid to come into a gay neighborhood). They told us if we found out who did it to call them to which I replied if I find out who did it you wont be needed as I will take care of it. The desk cop said now, now I understand yourupset but dont take the law into your own hands. Rolls eyes, this from a police department that says they dont investigate break ins in our neighborhood. We now live in a gay community that has car, foot and horse patrol (yeeeehaw ride em cowboy 🙂 ). You should listen to your brother in this world you never know how much it could help out. Now to your use of scripture. If you find them I get first dibs on inspecting them to see if they are worth buying LOL.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Justin,The police said the same thing–if we see someone riding the bike to call them. That is o.k. though–they have better things to do. But saying that with a breaking and entering??? I do like your response! It was sort of the response I was thinking (along the lines of cutting off a hand or at least a couple of fingers!!!).I\’ll send you a pic if I find the guy–you can have him for free! 🙂

  3. Justin says:

    crossed arms taping floor with foot. Ahem Im still waiting on that pic. Lets get that Sherlock side of you going 🙂

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