President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and Gay Pride Month

Here is the incredible video of President Obama in the celebration of Gay Pride Month.  This happened in the East Room of the White House.  I know that he has been getting some flack about the slowness of change that he promised, but this video is just incredible.  This would never would have happened in the Republican White House.  No way.  So despite the slowness, I really hope that the glbt community will actually become real citizens of this country—not second-class demonized villains. 


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3 Responses to President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and Gay Pride Month

  1. Wood says:

    Hello K!I\’ll go even further than a Republican White House. I\’m in shock that it happened at all under any possible presidency.How was Pride 2009 for you and yours?

  2. Justin says:

    Sorry Kevin but, I am still waiting to see some action from him. Talk is cheap but it rakes in the money for the Dems. Dont tell me your our ally and our friend if you really mean what you say take the lead and issue a executive order doing away with DADT. And put congress\’s feet to the Fire on DOMA.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey there W! Things are fine here. Unfortunately we didn\’t do very much for Pride Month. I\’ve been swamped with teaching these intensive, 6 week courses and it seems like all I do is grade and lecture! But I can\’t complain about the work, especially in this economy!Hey Justin, I still want action from him too. But I don\’t think we have ever had a president who has at least talked about inequality with the glbt community so much before. Talk is cheap, and I want action, but I thought this was promising.

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