Still Alive and Kicking…

I can’t believe it has been about 10 days since the last post.  I’ve been really swamped here.  I am teaching two summer courses and they only last about 6 weeks.  That means I have to cover about 18 weeks of material in those 6 weeks.  I am constantly grading, lecturing and preparing lectures.  Things should slow down a bit at the end of next week when my World Civ. I course wraps up and my other course (Western Civ. II) finishes on July 30.  On that day I’ll rush home with the final exams and get those graded as fast as possible since I leave for Michigan on Aug. 1.  My mom just had her knee replaced.  I’ll be there until the 16th and then I’ll fly to Oregon to meet up with Doug at his parent’s house.  We were going to stay a week, but we have to leave on Wednesday the 19th because I starting teaching again on the 20th.

And so much has been happening—the Episcopalian Church and their glbt policy (yeah!  I love the Episcopalian Church); the Hate Crime Legislation and all of the idiots out there calling it the Pedophile Protection Act; the anti-gay signatures supposedly being gathered in Maine.  So much to talk about and so little time.  Luckily the anti-gay crowd is very entertaining and there won’t be a shortage of things to discuss once I have the time!

About the garden—we’ve been eating potatoes, celery, green beans, a few cherry tomatoes, one regular tomato (many more are almost ready to eat), and tons of zucchini.  I think that zucchini could feed the world if everyone just planted one of those plants!  We’ve only managed to get one small yellow squash—someone came into the yard the other day and stole them right off the plant.  We should have the front gate up by tomorrow and we will be working on the driveway gates this weekend.  That should fence everything in and we can keep those damned trespassers off.  It is those days when I feel the need to get a gun and fulfill my divine right of gun ownership…

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2 Responses to Still Alive and Kicking…

  1. Rob says:

    It\’s one thing to chase off the wild animals that want to raid one\’s garden, how rude for people to walk into your yard and steal things!

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob, It seems to happen all the time here–and not only to us. Our neighbors have had their flowers picked at night. Next year I am going to plant some tomatoes and squash under the city trees so that people can pick those whenever they want and maybe they\’ll leave ours alone!

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