Yet More Republican Anti-Gay Hypocrisy

No wonder the Republican Party is falling apart.  It can’t figure out which way is the straight and narrow.  Yet another anti-gay Republican is caught with his pants down.  This time it is Paul Stanley of Tennessee (a state senator).  As usual, these homo-hating Republicans act holier-than-thou while bonking anyone but their wives.  For Stanley, it was a 22 year old intern.  And it looks like she is married as well.  What does the senator have to say for himself:

“Whatever I stood for and advocated, I still believe to be true,” he said during an interview Tuesday with Memphis radio station WREC-AM. “And just because I fell far short of what God’s standard was for me and my wife, doesn’t mean that that standard is reduced in the least bit.”

What did he stand for?  He tried to enact legislation that would have banned gay couples from adopting and he hates Planned Parenthood because he thinks that teens shouldn’t have pre-marital sex.  He still believes that.  But he apparently ignores what God has to say about adultery, especially if there is a 22 year old married woman running around.

You know what I think?  Any time this happens, the anti-family legislation that these people enact or try to enact should be stricken from the books.  They should also have to pay, out of their own pocket, the cost for a new election since he resigned.  They should also have to pay for the pain and suffering that gay and lesbian private citizens have suffered because of the hypocrisy. 

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2 Responses to Yet More Republican Anti-Gay Hypocrisy

  1. Wood says:

    Hi Kevin!Is someone running around and stuffing the rubber chicken with viagra or cialis at GOP meetings?They are starting to look like the political party for Satyrs.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Wood!No, I don\’t think someone is putting stuff in their chicken–I think they are built for hypocrisy!

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