The Hiatus

I haven’t been blogging lately.  I have been reading all my usual blogs, but just taking a little break.  I was also in Michigan for two weeks helping out my mom.  She had her left knee replaced.  I had a good time at home.  It was a little different than usual since my sister moved to Ohio.  But we managed to get out quite a bit and even visited the Flint Institute of Art to see their exhibition on Chihuly, a glass worker.  Here is the link.  About 15 years ago Doug’s parents took us to see an exhibition of his and it was pretty amazing.  I then flew to Oregon to meet up with Doug at his parents.  We had a good time, but we could only stay for two days since I started teaching on the 20th.  I’m teaching my Race, Ethnicity and Immigration course that I have taught a few times before.  I have a really good group of students again.  I think this topic lends to people commenting on the subject.

Before I left for Michigan I canned some tomatoes and while I was away Doug canned more.  So far we have close to 20 quarts of tomatoes, 7 pints of salsa, 9 pints of tomato/apple chutney and 6 pints of tomato/basil/garlic tomato sauce.  There are still quite a few tomatoes on the vine, but I’m guessing they won’t be ripe for at least another week.  It has been pretty warm here (yesterday and today it was about 100), so that should help the ripening process.

Today I also started to mosaic that ugly birdbath.  Doug’s dad makes plates out of pottery, and every-once-in-a-while one breaks and they save it for me.  Tomorrow I’ll finish the inside, Sunday I’ll grout it and it should be ready to put out on Tuesday.  I feel bad for the birds since it is so hot today.  Tomorrow we are helping a friend demolish his kitchen, so that should be fun.  We need to work on both floors in our bathrooms so this should give us a good boost of energy to start that project.  Somewhere down the road we need to redo both bathrooms (and the rest of the house!) but for right now we’ll replace parts of the subfloor, rip up the ugly tile that is in there and probably put linoleum down.  When we redesign the bathrooms we’ll put tile down again, but right now linoleum is the easiest option.  I also want to paint.  I have a bit of time since my other course doesn’t start until Sept. 15 and two others start on Sept. 23. 

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