More Republican ‘Family Value’ Hypocrisy

I am getting sick of these disgusting politicians who vote to take away my right to have the kind of family I want because it doesn’t match their own ‘family values.’  Here is another case in point (found at Pam’s House Blend):  The Republican State Assemblyman Mike Duvall.  He has received a score of 100% from a conservative group because he continually supports traditional family values.  Well now.  Why don’t you tell that to the two married women he has been having sex with.  It will be interesting to hear what Mrs. Duvall has to say about their traditional family values.  You know what I think?  Every damned single vote that this idiot gave against gays and lesbians needs to be stricken from the record and the votes retaken.  He votes against gay and lesbian families yet has sex with married women who also happen to be lobbyists.  This sounds like your traditional Republican family values to me. 

Here is the video showing the married assemblyman talking about his conquests:

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1 Response to More Republican ‘Family Value’ Hypocrisy

  1. Rob says:

    I had a sad laugh the other day when I heard a conservative (Joe Scarborough) who voted to impeach Clinton, had the nerve to say … now … that we should be respecting peoples private lives.

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