President Obama’s Speech to the HRC

This is an incredible speech.  I love this guy.  I can’t believe he is our President and is standing at the HRC giving a speech.  I like how he mentioned the old views that are keeping people down.  I’m sure those who refuse to recognize that we are people who are fighting for justice and equality will be having fits soon.  Imagine George W. Bush standing up in front of the HRC saying these things!  It never happened because his views were the old views.  They will soon be a bygone era that is remembered alongside those who used religion to keep down the slaves; those who used religion to keep down women; those who used religion to keep the ‘races’ separate.  Now they use religion to keep the glbt community from gaining equality.  I’m certainly going to do my part to make sure those who are against progress are remembered—maybe not specific names, but certainly the ideas of these people.  There is no doubt in my mind that once the glbt gets its equality (despite those religious outdated views), they will move on to the next unfortunate group.  Maybe immigrants.  Maybe women.  Who knows, but it will be someone.  And I am certain that the glbt community will come to their help.  We’ve had to deal with religious persecution for a very long time. 





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2 Responses to President Obama’s Speech to the HRC

  1. Justin says:

    He is a good orator however, words with out action are nothing more than mere words. We have heard this before and now is the time for action not just words. Until I see him acting and walking the walk I will not be holding my breath. Yeah, I am a bit cynical but he could have done this military thing with and Excutive order and no Im not buying all these contrived crisis secnarios as a reason for not doing it.. As my grandaddy dont trust a man who says he\’s gonna do something until you see him doing it. I had hopes but now I\’m not sure. Again he gave no time line as to when he would end this ban. He could do it in a days time with an executive order if hes serious. Until I see him act all I will see is pretty lies and alibies.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Justin! I think what you just said all of us are thinking (although I am not ready to call them lies! 🙂 ).I guess my excitement comes from the fact that we at least have a president talking about these issues. This is a far cry from Bush and the rest of his republicans. This never would be happening if McCain had gotten in.

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