A Little Act of Vandalism

Doug came home tonight and noticed that one side of the gate we built was kicked off the bottom hinges.  Whoever did it kicked it hard enough to break the heads of the bolts right off.  It really pissed me off since we can’t put bolts in the same place when we repair it.  I should really drive some nails through the gate so the next time it happens, they’ll think twice about doing it again…

So we called the police and there wasn’t too much they could do about it other than filing a report.  I also find it suspicious that our St. Francis statue (who is supposed to protect the house) was found flat on his face as well.  St. Francis was probably so appalled that someone who just break the gate for the heck of it (they weren’t trying to steal anything since they could have just opened the gate to come in the yard) that he just fell over.  Or he was pushed over.  But I hate to think about the punishment that comes with knocking a saint over on his face.

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6 Responses to A Little Act of Vandalism

  1. Justin says:

    Perhaps I am being a bit overly suspicious here however, I cannot help but remember the stolen bicycle incedent now there is vandalisim to not just the gate but I would dare to surmise who ever did the damage to the gate did in fact topple St. Francis. Coincedence perhaps but, with all the whackos out there one never knows. Perhaps it was just a random act by a person who has a thing for religion and religious icons. Or, it could be that the same individual (s) who stole the bike that did this damage. I hope you and Doug are taking all necessary precautions since random acts such as this seem to escalate into bigger things. I dont know if you have security cameras however if you don\’t you might consider it as they are a good investment and could stop something before it escalates. Have any of your neighbors had similar incidents? Has anyone noticed any suspicious individuals or happenings in the neighborhood? Perhaps as a group you should get together and form a neighborhood watch program. I know you may think its a over reaction but, when your gay sometimes seemingly harmless vandelisim can actually be or lead to worse actions. We learned this the hard way when our house was vandelized. What seemed random acts of vandelism soon escalted into the house being broken into ransacked and many items destroyed and worst were the homophobic slurs written on the walls. You can imagine our shock when we got home from work to find all this and then have the police tell us there wasn\’t much they could do about it. They did not even send anyone out to investigate they just said if you find out anything let us know (ha) like they would do anything then. I guess that incident has made me overly suspicious but one never knows anymore. As for slamming as Saint on his face that will surely rate the individual(s) a secure place in at least the 8th level of hell (LOL)

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Justin–believe me, I have already thought about this. The policeman who came out was very friendly and helpful. He did want to know why we picked this neighborhood to live in. I have to admit I love this neighborhood. The people are friendly (even though sometimes we don\’t speak the same language) and they always stop to chat about the garden. I\’ve just hooked our front porch light up to a timer and I am going to get some outdoor lights installed this weekend. I told Doug I wanted the camera system as well. I think it is the only way we are going to catch these creeps (or creep).Today I have to go clean the face off of St. Francis as well. Poor guy. He must have been blindsided! But he is staying put right where I put him–near the bouganvillia bush. I\’ll also have to have a chat with him about not sleeping on the job. After all, it is his job to protect the yard and house! 🙂

  3. Justin says:

    I hope you do get a security camera system they can really be good. The automatic porch light is a good idea as well. Must admit I am puzzeled by the policemans questioning you as to why you chose that neighborhood (scratches head.) As far as having your chat with St Francis well, as a former priest I should tell you its not going to do much good. You see, St Francis is the patron saint of the animals and the environment. If you want you need to look into St Benedict, he is the patron saint of the "Hearth and Home". just thought I would pass that along to you to avoid any confusion between you and St Francis 🙂

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey Justin–you\’re kidding me about St. Francis–right? 🙂 For years I thought he was the protector of the hearth and home. Poor guy. Well, at least he can watch over the environment of the yard!I think the policeman asked us that question because Doug referred to me as his partner. He was probably wondering why we weren\’t living in San Francisco… He was very nice though. I went out yesterday and propped up the broken gate. I am still trying to figure out if I can drill out the old bolts and insert new ones in the same space, or just move the hinge up a bit. It won\’t match the other side (and that might drive me crazy) but I might have to live with that.

  5. Justin says:

    Seriously Kev, St. Francis is for the birdies and animals and the rest of them little critters out there, you would not believe some of the animals we were asked to bless in the parrish 🙂 St Benidict is the one for the hearth and home many a time I have had to bless a house and leave him in charge. Don\’t know if your gate is iron or wood however, you might check with some place like Home Depot or Lowes. They have a tool that you can extract broken bolts or screws out of metal and wood and may save you from having to re-drill the holes. Thats just a thought.

  6. Robert says:

    Yeah we do blessing of the pets at my Church in honor of St. Francis, is a bit odd, but sort of cool also for pet owners.Stolen Bike, Vandalism, where you live, South Central? haha!

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