An Old Post Receives Some New Comments

Back in March 2006 I posted a blog about a guy who received a Cease and Desist order from the fundamentalist law firm Liberty Council.  The Liberty Council goes around creating money for itself by stirring up problems.  Here is my original post, and below that I put a comment that was just left by someone named Matthew two days ago.  I put it here because there is no way that someone reading my blog would notice some comments put in a nearly 4 year old post.

March 24

ACLU vs. Liberty Counsel

A couple of days ago I blogged about Justinsomnia and all the problems that this so-called "Liberty Counsel" was causing.  The ACLU has offered to help Justin.  It is worth reading the letter that the ACLU sent to LC.  I am so happy that someone is fighting back against these fundamentalists.  Their cease and desist letters are nothing but hollow threats and should be treated as such.

Here is what ‘Matthew” left:

Matthew wrote:

You should pack your bags and leave this country if you don’t believe in the values this country was founded on! In God we Trust! The ACLU is a disgrace to this nation! Protesting at a fallen soldiers funeral, suing those who practice their religious freedoms… Misguided souls who we should all pray for. The Liberty Counsel is the breath of fresh air that this country needs. WE WILL NO LONGER SIT IDLY BY AND SEE THIS COUNTRY BROUGHT TO ITS KNEES BY PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!

2 days ago | Delete

Here are my responses:

Matthew, why are you so angry? Did you even read the links I provided? "In God We Trust"? Don’t you know that this did not show up on coins until the Civil War–This statement was used nearly 100 years after the founding of this country. The values this country were founded on were Deist ideals. I suggest you look it up. The Liberty Council is a bunch of thugs that just create work for themselves, if you ask me. So you think I want to bring down this country? That is pretty funny. I just want to make sure we are all treated equal–and this is something that the religious right does not like. I also suggest you do some homework on the history of all the religious wars in Europe. Christians won’t hesitate to kill other Christians over who has the more correct version. We have freedom of religion in this country to prevent that type of massacre from happening. By the way, that freedom also covers people who practice different faiths (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam) and those who want nothing to do with religion.

6 minutes ago | Delete


By the way Matthew–all Justinsomnia did was create a parody of an ex-gay billboard and Liberty Council sent him a cease and desist order. So who is trying to destroy this country by preventing free speech? And guess what the outcome was? Liberty Council backed off. Hmm. It seems they were wrong in the first place. Thank God for the ACLU!

1 minute ago | Delete

I’m not sure what Matthew means by ‘not sitting idly’ anymore?  Sounds kind of threatening, especially with all those scary capital letters…  I don’t think he realizes that I wrote that post 3.5 years ago.  If I have been actively trying to destroy this country, I am already 3.5 years ahead of Matthew.  But seriously, anyone who doesn’t believe in the freedom of speech isn’t really an American.  The ACLU sent their letter to Liberty Council because they told Justinsomnia that he could not create a parody with an image used by an ex-gay group.  That is trying to prevent free speech.  And Liberty Council knew it—but without the ACLU, Justinsomnia would have been bullied by the so-called Cease and Desist order they received. 

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3 Responses to An Old Post Receives Some New Comments

  1. Justin says:

    Poor Matthew operates under a religious dogma that perpetrates the delusion of a schizophrinic god who thinks he is 3 people in one. Isn\’t it funny how people who preach a god of peace and love, and a prince of peace and love and tolerance for their fellow man spew uot such hatred from their hearts and mouth. I think when the messiah appears they will be unhappily suprised and start screaming "Crucify him" all over again. 🙂

  2. Justin says:

    BTW did I ever tell you that Jesus did not meet any of the messiah criteria as phroficied in the Torah 🙂 just a side note. We can go into that later 🙂

  3. Robert says:

    Matthew is poorly misguided, and needs to step away from the kool aide, and go read a book or two on the founding of this great Nation. I must admit though, I almost laughed at the "this country was founded on in God we trust", that some funny stuff right there!

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