The Big Bathroom Reveal

Just around Labor Day one of our friends asked us if we wanted to help demolish his kitchen so he could renovate.  It inspired us, so we went home the next day and started to gut the small bathroom off of our bedroom.  The tiles were loose around the toilet, so we knew we had water damage.  So it began with taking off the tiles and seeing that the subfloor was rotted.  We took the old one out, installed a new one (only half of the bathroom needed a new subfloor). We then retiled, got a new vanity/lights and installed a ventilation fan.  Today I sealed the grout on the fish mosaic I made for over the shower and the bathroom is now finished.  We are pretty happy with it since we have never done any work like this before.  I was also pretty happy that I was able to get a circular saw and jig saw.  Today was renovation graduation day, so I picked up my first tool-belt!  Next week we start on the other bathroom.  The tiles are loose around the bathtub, so I think that is going to be quite a bit more work.  Anyway, here are a series of pictures showing the work.  The final two pictures show the finished bathroom.

The old bathroom:


The rotten subfloor


The rotten subfloor—I’m surprised we didn’t fall through!

The new subfloor:


The hole for the ventilation fan:






The new tile on the floor:

The big reveal and the new mosaic (yes, you can tell I like to watch HGTV!):


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