Christians ‘On High Alert’

With that title you would think that there was an immanent attack coming on all of Christianity.  You know, from Islam or another religion.  Nope, it is the homosexual attack on Christians which they are preparing for!

This title (Christians on High Alert Over Hate Crimes Bill) comes from the American Family Associations ‘news’ arm—OneNewsNow.  It is pretty ridiculous.  I really can’t wait to see how many thought crimes are punished under the Hate Crime Bill that President Obama is going to sign.  My guess is that the grand total of thought crimes punished under this will be ZERO, mostly because the HC Bill protects free speech. 

Here are a few of the comments by these ‘Christians’:

These are dangerous times in which we find ourselves. I fully support any constitutional challenge, because it IS an infringement of rights protected by the First Amendment! No wonder our Founders feared the government — they knew what could happen with one which is out of control, such as our current administration and Congress.

It is just the beginning of the end for the U.S. of A.


Bless those who come against these Demonic forces which undermine our society and the very future of our great country!

Another small chipping away of our constitutional rights. The phrase "all men are created equal" should have been edited to add, "but some are more equal than others." I pray for our leaders that their eyes may be opened by God and that those in leadership would see that the path they take is in rebellion to God. Time to send some messages to the leadership of this country during the next election that we are their employer, they work for us, we DO NOT work for them. It’s Gods money for our use not their money for their use.

(Interesting that this last commenter probably has no clue that his/her choice of religion made that person ‘more equal than others’—at least according to their own skewed knowledge.  It is also crazy to be talking about God’s money—Jesus says give unto Caesar that which is Caesars (meaning money).

The only reason these so-called Christians should be on high alert is because their outdated thoughts on gays and lesbians and their prejudice will soon be frowned up.

And what are these people afraid of?  Here is a good example of an ad from Pepsico that the American Family Association hates (really!):

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2 Responses to Christians ‘On High Alert’

  1. Robert says:

    Oh they do humor me, what part about Violence do they not get? This is not about speech, it\’s about in America we have principals to protect minorities who are often targets by a Majority. If they are really against Hate Crime Legislation, why not advocate that Religion be removed from the list, since it gives special protections.I can see why this sign pisses them off, Diversity is ebillllllllllllllllllllllllll…….I mean how dare Pepsi, this is a Christian nation, it\’s not like Jesus reached out to the least among them, or protected the innocent, or showed compassion and love to all people………Oh that\’s right, thats exactly what Jesus did, well except one group…..the Religious fundamentalist of his day.:o)

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Robert! Why read the legislation when not reading it can trick people in to sending money to these organizations?And yes–diversity is always a problem. It is kind of shocking to think this is what the AFA is so upset about, but that picture comes from their own website!

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