Disappointment in Maine, Hope in Washington State

It was a pretty disappointing day with the Maine news.  It reminded me of exactly a year ago when I was sitting in the same place that the Maine glbt community is sitting in now.  However, there is some good news is all of this.  Here in California gay marriage was rejected by only 51.9% of the vote.  In Maine, it was only 52% of the vote.  Those anti-gay crusaders have nothing to be proud of today, and in fact, they need to feel very worried.  They have a bare majority.  This is good news in the long run.  How far we have come.  We need to keep talking about this issue to everyone.  It needs to be brought up over and over again.  The more we talk about it, the more it will be seen that we are not diseased anti-Christs, but real people who love their partners and their families.

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