Should a Gay Judge Excuse Himself in a Gay Trial?

According to the anti-gay crusader, Matt Barber, he should.  Of course, that is totally ridiculous.  If he did, just because he was gay, that would mean that all straight judges should excuse themselves whenever they deal with heterosexual issues.  If that happened, there would be no judges.  I don’t expect genius from Matt Barber, but at least a bit of common sense would be nice!

It turns out that the Prop. 8 Trial judge is gay.  And that judge is going to determine whether or not Prop. 8 was unconstitutional.  That is what is throwing Matt Barber into hissy fits.  Well, at least Matt Barber and the anti-gay crowd can point to that if Prop. 8 gets flushed down the toilet, because they certainly can’t blame their poor legal performance and their utter homophobia if they lose!

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