Exodus and Its Ties to Gay Hate in Africa

Most people know about the part that Exodus, run by the ex-gay Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas.  Some of their ‘henchmen’ were in Africa recently and not surprisingly, soon after they left there has been a wave an anti-gay violence spreading through Africa.  This company should be investigated by the government and if found guilty of spreading hate, they should be disbanded.  At least that is my opinion of it.  It is no different if a company sent people to Africa and spread an anti-Christian message, which led to Christian persecution. 

Anyway, I see the anti-gay violence has now spread to Kenya.  Back when I moved to Australia, the university found a hotel for me (they didn’t pay for it, they just sent me a name of one).  My first day there I met a woman from Kenya who was about to start her education at Macquarie as well.  She seemed very nice and when she didn’t have any Australian money, I lent her some.  When I found an apartment right across the street from the University, she asked if she could stay with me until she found a place.  Of course I said yes.  On about the 4th day she was reading the paper and there was some news about gay activism in Sydney.  She told me that she couldn’t believe it.  I asked her what exactly she couldn’t believe, and she said that gays and lesbians were actually trying to get their rights!  I told her that I was gay (and I talked about Doug quite a bit, but apparently she wasn’t listening) and that there were gay people in Kenya and she said no, there weren’t.  Needless to say she moved out pretty quickly and I never heard from her again. 

You would think that Africa has enough of its own problems.  But Exodus is pushing their ‘freedom from homosexuality’ onto Africa because the climate in the US is quickly moving to a point where picking on the glbt community is not right.  Maybe Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas should pack their bags and move to Africa.  Then again, being ex-gay (and Alan Chambers STILL admits to having gay feelings) would put them into a dangerous position.  And it is this position that they helped create. 

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2 Responses to Exodus and Its Ties to Gay Hate in Africa

  1. Justin says:

    Alan Chambers, Randy Thomas, Scott Lively, Caleb Lee Brundidge, Don Schmiere and Rick Warren, all of these men have the blood of the gays in both Uganda and Kenya. They have all taken part in pushing their beliefs as a Moral Colonialism. Now I know they all deny any part in what happens in both these countries however their hands will never be clean of this blood that is shed because they are the ones who give these groups the so called spiritual guidance in passing these laws. They took their dog and pony show to a people who would be gullible enough to buy into it because they are dealing with a people who are still living with a very strong belief in superstition and witch craft. They take great delight in seeing this damdable persecution put on gays because they cant get the same thing here. Now in Kenya you have a group of christians and muslims trying to kill all the gays and I have only one question to ask. Who are you going to go after next if you accomplish this task. The muslims will go after the christians and the christians will go after the muslims next.

  2. Rob says:

    The more problems a people have, the easier it is to scapegoat others.

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