Violence and Health Care

I find it disgusting that there were people who lined the Capital on the day that Health Care passed and yelled the N word at some Congressmen, yelled the word Faggot at Barney Frank and spit on a congressman as well.  Christine, at TalkWisdom put up a post yesterday titled Rep. McCotter: Obama’s "Hope and Change" Has Degenerated into "Tax and Hate."  I left this comment:

Kevin said…

Hi Christine,
What kind of hate is this guy talking about? Surely he must mean all the racist and homophobic statements yelled at the Democrats after the health care bill was passed (not to mention the spitting)? Or is he referring to at least ten members of congress who have received death threats?
Maybe he is referring to the fact that the de facto head of the new Republican Party (Rush Limbaugh) has called for wiping these people out? Jeez, talk about hate…
Also, where in the bill is the statement about adding a certain amount to student loans? I haven’t heard about this.

March 24, 2010 5:14:00 PM PDT


She didn’t like it and dedicated a whole post to my comment.  She thinks that the people who yelled n**ger and faggot and spit on Democratic congressmen were Democratic plants!  Ugh.

Anyway, I just saw a video clip of some of the threats that Rep. Stupak from Michigan is receiving after he voted Yes for Health Care Reform.  I’ve inserted it below.  Listen to it and see if you can imagine that these callers are ‘Democratic plants”:

Here is more evidence—unless of course you think all this was done by sneaky Democrats to embarrass the Tea Party people. 

Here is another incident that took place at a home targeted members of the TEA Party (that stands for Taxed Enough Already). 

If you can get onto Facebook you can see this video of the crap that when on at the TEA PARTY group in Washington on Sunday.

You can also read more about the violence directed at Democrats here

Also see here

Who ever thought that providing people with health care would cause people such grief???


The good thing about all of this is that these Tea Partiers can no longer say that this will be the end of the Democrats.  The polls are showing people are happy with it and happy about the work that President Obama did.  On the other hand, people are unhappy with the Republicans.  Who knows—maybe November will see a super majority of Democrats when these whiny Republicans are kicked out of office! 


And why do they name themselves this?  They don’t know their history.  The Tea Party was done because the colonists wanted representation because they were being taxed.  The Tea Party does have representation—the problem is that they lost the election to President Obama.  And if they are taxed enough already, shouldn’t they blame the last president and his 8 years of constant war for any tax increases they might have had?  I also find it humorous that they hold up Ronald Reagan as their guide.  They don’t seem to know that he appointed the first Czars AND instituted the largest tax increase since WWII.  I suppose not knowing history is a good thing for them.

I also don’t understand why they didn’t form when Bush and Reagan were in control? 

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3 Responses to Violence and Health Care

  1. Robert says:

    Great points Kevin! I wonder did Christine care to denounce such violence as Un-American, and not Christ like?I\’m not surprised that once people see how they will be really effected by the Health Care Bill, their thoughts are changing, Washington Post had a great thing on how to find out how you would be effected.As far as Czars, Bush had the most Czars of any President, even more than what Obama has had at this point. If these "tea baggers" are upset about spending, how come they didn\’t form when Bush was President, he went down as the President who never vetoed one spending Bill, so much for being fiscally Conservative. However, what gets me the most is 900 Billion to help Americans is some how wrong, but trillions of dollars to kill people is just fine. Universal Health Care is nothing new, after World War 2 we helped Germany get kick started with Universal Health Care, and most don\’t know but in 2005 we helped Iraq draft their first Constitution, which included Universal Health Care, and that was under Bush!I believe that the tea baggers first hate Obama because he is a Liberal, and second their are some in the Movement who hate the fact that a Black man is in the White House, they will try to deny it, but they do.

  2. Justin says:

    I do not belong to any "Tea Party" nor am I a Republican or a Democrat. But, I do have a question regarding your trying to paint the whole "Tea Party" movement because of the action of a fringe group of whacko\’s. Where is your condemnation of the attacks on Republicans by what I myself consider a group of whackos on the left in all of this? Should we label the whole of the "Liberal" or Democratic parties as a bunch of violent whack jobs because some whacko shot up a Republican Congressmans office, or a bunch of threating calls were made to Republican reprsentatives because they were against this bill? This kind of "B.S." has been going on long before the election of Obama or the formation of the "Tea Parties".You simply cannot (or shouldn\’t) try to paint whole groups you disagree with in a bad light because of the actions of a few whacko\’s who cross the line. Democrats, Republicans and Independents all attract those few who are on the outer fringe and try to use their movements to rationalize their actions.As to your not understanding why they didn\’t form when Bush and Reagan were in control. They did infact start forming when Bush was in control. They started forming in 2007 during Ron Pauls run for President and the treatment of him by the Republican party. They began to come together stronger when Bush started pushing the bank bailouts the bailouts cost a lot of Republican\’s their seats because they voted for it. There are always going to be groups and parties whose Philosophies we disagree with but I think we should be honest in laying out why we disagree with them and not try and paint the whole group as evil because of the actions of a few radicals from either side. Your friend Christine is wrong in trying to show only one side of the issue and then trying to say these whacko\’s were Democratic plants to make the "Tea Party" look bad. Does she think that the ones shooting up a Congressmans office or making threatening calls to Republican Representatives were Republican plants to make the Democrats look bad. As far as the health care bill I am waiting to see how it all washes out. There are some good things in it and as with any legislation there are bad things. Personally I have a lot of questions as to just how it is really going to work. We will have to wait and see just how it really works. As always prepare for the worst secnario and hope for the best secnario. I personally know 4 people who belong to the "Tea Party" movement. I am sure that there are more I dont know about but, these "4" I know and they are sane rational people. Not gun toting hillbillies. One is my Doctor, one is a friend who is gay and black (well so much for the racial issue) another is my banker (of course we know bankers are greedy creatins) the last is my next door neighbor who is a "Democrat" who has had it with both parties. These are good people and their movement is made up of a lot of good people. I may not agree with all their philosophy but I have friends who are Republican and Democart that I don\’t agree wtih all their philosophy either. Bottom line is these are friends and their political philosophies do not make them any less a friend or some weird fringe freak or the totality of their groups they belong to.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi Justin! If you will notice I didn\’t mention the Tea Party at all in my post until I started giving the evidence I found on the web (which then talks about the Tea Party). However, that group in Washington D.C. was Tea Party. I didn\’t name them because I actually didn\’t know it was a Tea Party until I looked it up today. But it was Tea Party and if people who are involved in this movement do not want some members of their own movement doing these things, then they better start speaking up. It is the same when some gay group does something stupid–we just can\’t sit back and let them ruin it for all of us. I hope your friends have spoken out against this stuff. If they didn\’t then they need to question how they feel about being associated with these people. Yes, there are good reasons for showing that there are radicals on both sides. However, when one radical group gets in the news constantly with doing un-American things (like this group in Washington did) then there is no reason why I shouldn\’t write about it. The next step for these people is violence and if they are shamed now into stopping this behavior (or at least think about what they are doing), it might save a few lives in the long run. Otherwise, how far will this group go? O.k., now I am off to work on the plumbing and not worrying about health care, the Tea Party movement or the new Coffee movement that is starting up… 🙂

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