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“NJ Catholics Reminded Church Opposes Gay Unions”

This is one of the headlines at today.  The church is focusing on the Prayer of the Faithful, which has the words: "God our almighty Father has given married love, its faithfulness and its fruitfulness, a special significance in … Continue reading

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The Party

We had a nice 15 year Anniversary Party last night.  About 25 people came.  Now we have tons of leftover food and drink–but most of it was eaten, so that’s good.  However, we have lots of coke, 7-Up and beer … Continue reading

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“American” “Family” Association

So why the quotes in the title of my blog?  Because the AFA is neither American, nor is it about Family.  It should the the American Hate Society, since that is all that this horrible group deals with.  Just as … Continue reading

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I woke up about 6 am worrying about gay and lesbian families that are in Michigan and those that are in Kentucky.  Michigan’s State Appeals Court recently said that state universities cannot offer gay and lesbian partner’s and their families … Continue reading

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Our 15th Anniversary Party

Our real anniversary date was Feb. 14.  Instead of going away this year (which would have been impossible with Doug’s work) we decided to throw a big anniversary party on Saturday evening.  I think we will have about 30 people … Continue reading

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Matt Barber–a Concerned Woman of American

Matt Barber, the policy director for the conservative group Concerned Women of America, has said some things that need to be highlighted (by the way, can’t the CWofA have a female policy director???). At first the news sounded good–Matt Barber came out … Continue reading

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Maine and civil rights

Peter LaBarbera, a couple of days ago, called Mike Heath of Maine a: "bona fide hero in the fight against “gay” activism and the normalization of homosexuality in the United States." Well, he might be a hero to LaBarbera who … Continue reading

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Ted Haggard–I’m totally Straight!

Once again my favority cartoonist in the paper (Don Asmussen) has done an excellent job with dealing with Ted Haggard and his total transformation.      Technorati tags: ted Haggard, gay, ex-gay

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More about Dobson and his Lies

Today, Wayne Besen and his group Truth Wins Out released a video of yet another researcher who is appalled at James Dobson and his misuse of science when he wrote his Time article.  The video is by Dr. Kyle Pruett, … Continue reading

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Marriage is for Children (at least in Washington State)

A group called Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance, located in Washington State, is introducing a ballot measure that would require newly married straight people to have children within three years, or have their marriages annulled.  Why?  Because the Washington State Supreme … Continue reading

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