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Comments to Exodus: Live Out Loud

For the second time in a week I have left comments on various blogs found at the Exodus:  Live Out Loud blog site that I list in my "Blogs from the DarkSide."  My first one I left last week.  You … Continue reading

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Doug’s Third Surgery

We got up at 4:30 this morning to make sure Doug go to the hospital by 6 am.  The bus didn’t show up, so we decided to walk the 2 miles.  We got there by 6.  He was fine walking as … Continue reading

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AIDS pill–the argument has started…

There is a guy named Stephen Bennett, who claims he used to be gay for 11 years, but is now married.  He and his wife are making a life for themselves (and lots of money) by touting his change.  He … Continue reading

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a sweet cat

Our cat Zak has never been one to sleep in the same place for more than a week at a time.  Therefore we usually have to search if we want to know where he is.  For the past couple of … Continue reading

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Biased Book Review?

I subscribe to an online service that sends out reviews of books that deal with history.  Most of them I give a casual glance and save the ones I think I might want to buy in the future.  I just … Continue reading

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my brother

It has been 20 years today since my brother was in a motorcycle accident and became paraplegic.  I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately–not because of the date, but because there has been a series of articles in the paper about the … Continue reading

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I am going to have to start my own non-profit group…

I wish I had thought of this:  one of Tom DeLay’s top advisers collected a third of the donations to a group he called U.S. Family Network.  This came to over a million dollars that went to Buckham and his … Continue reading

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United Church of Christ ad

The United Church of Christ has made another commercial to show the true nature of Christianity–that the church should never reject anyone for any reason.  This commercial has been rejected by all the major television stations because it is "too … Continue reading

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Gay Adoptions next on the ballot

It seems that at least 16 states are considering whether or not gays and lesbians can be adoptive parents.  Apparently the american-taliban fundamentalists are so happy in their push to stop gay marriages that they want to continue with their … Continue reading

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No food boxes for seniors

So Bush and his repugnicans (thanks Pam’s Blend for this great term) can have a bit more money to wage his unwinnable war in Iraq, Afghanistan and soon Iran, some seniors of this country will go without their monthly food … Continue reading

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