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Arkansas and gay foster care

Yesterday, in what was a total surprise to me, the Arkansas State Supreme Court said that gays and lesbians can certainly adopt and that there is no evidence to suggest that the children are damaged in any way.  One judge … Continue reading

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End of Week 2

I just got home a bit ago from my second week of teaching Epic Poetry at the college.  I gave them their first quiz on Monday and just marked it yesterday–I was shocked to see how many had failed.  It … Continue reading

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Richard Cohen–aka wacko

I’ve just watched a disgusting video that features an idiot called Richard Cohen.  He was made famous recently when he claims to be able to cure gays and lesbians of their psychological pain.  He does this by having the patient … Continue reading

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Israel and the never ending cycle of violence

Boy, Israel and Palestine are at is once again.  This is no big surprise.  When one of Israel’s soldiers was kidnapped, I found it interesting that the Israeli government blamed the Palestinian government.  They never gave it a thought that … Continue reading

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Presidential wannabee Romney and civil rights

Although his state allows gay marriage, Mitch Romney, the governor has bent over backwards to cater to all the fundamentalists about trying to get rid of gay marriage.  Why, who are all these gay people who want their rights and … Continue reading

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Dear Abby Again

I don’t know who Jeanne Phillips is who has replaced Dear Abby, but I look forward to reading her every day!  Today (June 28, S.F. Chronicle) is no exception and it just shows me why I love Dear Abby:   … Continue reading

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CNN and Dobson of “Focus on the “Family””

My homepage for years now has been the CNN website.  I like to read the news and I haven’t noticed any bias so far.  But today they have allowed James Dobson, president of the Focus on the "Family" group to … Continue reading

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“Rush”ing towards jail

Rush Limbaugh, on a 2 day holiday to the Dominican Republic, was caught having a prescription of viagra that did not have his name on it.  This violates his conditions for having charges of doctor shopping for his drug addiction.  … Continue reading

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Happy 40th Doug!

Doug’s 40th birthday is today–he still looks the same as he did when I met him over 14 years ago!  We have reservations at a place called Range tonight for dinner.  He is still swamped at work, so he didn’t … Continue reading

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Pride Festival #2

We got home from the Pride festivities around 5 pm (I think).  Both of us were feeling pretty whipped, and about an hour after that I felt like I was coming down with a cold–which I definitely have now.  That … Continue reading

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